Lūznavas Manor holds international digital art symposium REALITY TURN



Around a hundred participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, France, artists, designers, digital art theatres, students 15-16 May participate in the international digital art symposium “Reality Turn (Reality Turn) – new experience, art and ecology in the virtual era”, which takes place in the Rēzekne District Lūznavas manor on 15-16 May. Latvia, France and Ireland are the three countries participating in the “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA” project supported BY THE EU programme “Creative Europe”. The project partners are digital art centres in Dublin (Ireland), Belfort (France) and the municipality of Rezekne.
The participants of the event listened with interest to an art theorist, a writer Erica Kluitenberg's prereading “beyond the binary: by contemplating ecological art practices”, the artist from France and Latvia shared their experience in masterworkshops. In the evening, the French artists' digital art exhibition “behind the black mirror” was opened, as well as the exhibition “digital experiments in design II” of the Rēzekne Technology Academy.
Attitudes towards the virtual world, ecological awareness, climate change, environmental issues, art and technology relations – these problems are the main theme of the Forum's participants' discussions. The digital art is able to surprise the audience, emotionally shake, make it possible to think about essential existential issues, because today the virtual reality is closely linked to physical reality. The symposium will be closed on 16 May.
Anna Rancāne
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