Lessons for parents


No. p.m.

Subject matter




The role and opportunities of parents in the development of self-awareness and self-assessment


Seminar on the importance of high-confidence in the development of personality, on parental roles and opportunities Biruta Rīvāne
Elita Opincāne


Positive supportive education seminar Seminar on how parents should be used to be positive rather than violent Lilija Šodnaka
Ilona Jabo


Table game laboratory creative workshop During the workshop, parents are introduced to a wide range of table games, ideas are shown how to make games with children Irene Batare


Causes of behavioural problems and their possible solutions seminar The workshop deals with behavioural problems, looking for answers to many “why” and addressing problem-solving strategies Lilija Šodnaka
Ilona Jabo


Be together, be side by side creative workshop In a workshop, you can get ideas for what and how to do with a child, how to self-handle gifts Irene Batare
Ineta Cross
Sylvia Pranch


Well-raised - so safe seminar Seminar on the role of education in the creation of child responsibility and security Aija Dundure


Nicky and sticky! With love and respect! seminar Seminar on how to determine the boundaries of love and dignity Biruta Rīvāne
Aija Dundure


Hand in hand in support of a child seminar Seminar on how to help the child learn, recognise the causes of learning difficulties, search for solutions Elita Opincāne
Ilze Kuhaļska


Mandals - see and understand incomprehensible creative workshop During the workshop, the parents are brought into the mysterious mandala world and learn how to do it. Sylvia Pranch, Ineta Cross

The management of the school and the parental council may apply:
tel. 64607186 (Elita Opincane)
email elita.opincane@saskarsme.lv

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