Useful information on aid for partial compensation of heating expenditure

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In order to receive support for the household, owner of the dwelling, joint owner, tenant, authorised person (e.g. manager or Chairman of the association) from 2022 1 October submit a submission (not more than once a month)

From 3 October:


  • If wood pellets or wood briquettes are purchased and no check or invoice is available.
  • In the case of wood, granules or briquettes, the amount of the purchased fuel does not appear in the invoice/invoice.
  • If a person cannot present a document certifying the right of use of a dwelling.
  • If a person cannot produce any a document certifying the right of use of a dwelling and a person is not also a payer of immovable property for that dwelling.
  • If that address contains an entry in the Land Register which certifies only: property right to land, and there is neither a harmonised building design for a building on which a construction permit is issued or another document certifying that it is a dwelling.


If electricity is used for heating, the aid is provided from 01.10.2022. to 30.04.2023  Expecting households to consume above 500 kWh but not exceeding the aid ceiling of 2000 kWh per month.


  • Documents certifying the property or the right of use of the dwelling:
  • Land Register, rental contract, inheritance certificate, statement issued by the State Land Service regarding the property rights of the apartment.
  • A resident who first submits an invoice/check for a specific household address for the first qualified aid.
  • In cases where the applicant resides, but is unable to settle the property rights, it must be at least declared at that address.
  • State aid can only be transferred to a bank account of a natural person. Cash is not provided for cash. If a person does not have an account of a credit institution or postal payment system, the account number of another person may be indicated in the submission to which it agrees to transfer the granted aid.
  • If a natural person owns several dwellings, the application for aid may be submitted for each of them.
  • If the household uses combined heating, a separate submission must be made for each type of heating, at the same time.


  • Date,
  • amount,
  • the name of the product,
  • the document number.


For the period from 1 October 2022 to 30 April 2023, support will be provided for the compensation of the district heating service charges. The aid will be applied automatically to household invoices.

 Information telephone number for communication with local government in general questions regarding receipt of aid - +37125425006. (call from October 3). Call in working days from 8.00 to 16.30.

The national police call on citizens to be careful when purchasing fuels.

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