Closed digital art project in Rezekne municipality



In January 2020, a three-year project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA” was concluded with 104 artists and four exhibition curators from the project partner countries – Latvia, Ireland and France. The leading partner of the project, the Dublin Digital Art Centre “Rua/red”, gathered together all three national project coordinators and technical staff who were able to respond quickly by offering creative technical solutions for exhibitions and events, ensuring the success of the art project.
The project manager Anita Grifina, in particular, stressed the work of the municipality of Rezekne, “I appreciate the fact that the municipality of Rezekne, which has historically formed the centre of traditional crafts, also dared to focus on the modern digital art in this project.”
In the three-year period Dublin (Ireland), Belfort (France) in the digital art centre, as well as the Rēzekne municipality IN Lūznavas Manor, 427 stakeholders had the opportunity to participate in 69 creative workshops, nine artists' residencies, seven digital art exhibitions, 20 panel discussions, three previews and one symposium. On the other hand, the closing symposium of the project “reality of reality” took place IN Lūznavas manor. It took over hundreds of artists, designers and digital art theorists from three project countries. The participants discussed attitudes towards the virtual world, ecological awareness, climate change, environmental issues as well as art and technology relations.
The digital art is still looking for his place in the modern world – it can both be loved and annoyed, but there is no indifference. Art lovers do not yet buy digital artistic works for their collections, in keeping with the view that art is only what can be attached to the wall, but it is expected that in the organisations and countries involved in the project, digital art experts will have full hands in the coming years.
“The computer can also be one of the instruments that help you create something for non-repeatable graphics, sculptors, photographs, or other art forms. But it's important to remember that not everything can be called art. If a person has just learned how a certain instrument works, it can't be called art – it is craftsmanship. In art, key words are emotions and intellect. The art must be educated, inspired by emotions, mood and mood. The artist is the one who has the artist's heart, not the one who can hold the camera or computer mouse,” emphasizes the project participant, Lectore Gundega Strautmane of the Latvian Art Academy Latgale branch, who has also participated in the artists' residence in Dublin during the project.
The successful realization of the project in Rezekne municipality was possible thanks to THE STAFF of THE Lūznavas Manor and Lūznavas parish administration, the RTA design study programmes for students and doctors, the REPRESENTATIVES of THE RTA physical process and the research centre of laser technologies, as well as the project team-Rēzekne municipality CO-ordinator Eduardam Medvedev, the website content editor of Anai Ranai, the head of the planning development department for Anna Jaudzemai, THE Lūznavas Manor manager Iveta Balzada, the project manager Ingai Žirgulei, the accountants for Sarakai and Austrim sergeant, as well as the many supporters in Rezekne municipality.
Inta Rimšāne,
Project EUCIDA coordinator in the municipality of Rezekne
Photo: Eduard Medvedev
For reference
The project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA (digital art covers Europe)” is from 1 July 2016 to 23 January 2020. It was co-financed by the European Union's “Creative Europe” programme. Within the framework of the project, all stakeholders had the opportunity to see the digital art exhibitions created by Latvian, Irish and French artists AT Lūznavas Manor and digital art centres in Belfort and Dublin, to meet the artists of different countries, as well as to visit creative workshops by testing the possibilities of digital laser equipment in the creation of artistic works. The project also offered artists' residence opportunities, scholarships and cultural workers who were able to attend digital art exhibitions in European countries. More information on website www.reseknes, social networking Facebook
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