Tactical exercise of the National Guard 32 nd Introducer Battalion field

From 20 to 21 August, the National Guard 3 will be held in the municipality of Rezekne and Ludza. Tactical exercise of the Latgale Brigadier 32 nd Introducer Battalion field with the goal of training and checking the unit's General Battle capabilities in preparation for the annual major military training of the National Armed Forces in September, “Namejs 2022”.

The individual and collective skills of soldiers and national guardsmen will be improved during military training. The training will be performed in both daylight and dark time.

The tasks of the military training cycle will be carried out on previously agreed state and local governments, as well as on land properties belonging to legal and private persons, in order to bring the training tasks closer to the real situation. The area used after training will be cleaned if necessary.  

The attention of the people! 

During the training period from 20 to 21 August, a temporary soldier and a national guardsman in the area will be held, as well as the movement of military transport along shared and adjacent roads of smaller significance in the vicinity of Rezekne and Ludza District.

During the execution of the scenario, the ammunition of training ammunition and the fighting simulation will be used, which causes noise but does not in any way endanger human health and life, but if it is found, it must not be touched.

The National Armed Forces call on citizens to treat the National Guard activities with understanding, as one of the main objectives of learning is the improvement of the preparedness of national guardsmen and the strengthening of national defence capabilities. 


Information prepared by: National Guard 3. Latgale Brigade Information Part

Phone: 26192444

E-mail: evita.kozule@inbox.lv

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