NVA organizes online meetings on seasonal work events


National services

12 May at 13:00 will take place in an online meeting (Zoom) with representatives of agriculture, forestry, tourism and hospitality. During an online meeting, employers will inform jobseekers about seasonal vacancies and familiarise themselves with their businesses, working conditions, specifics and conditions. It will be possible for participants to ask questions of interest to themselves.

Iarrangement of the measure

Every unemployed person and jobseeker may apply for an online meeting (also if there is no NVA client), fill in the application questionnaireon 11 May, applicants who have applied for the application form will be sent a Zoom link.

Companies will participate in this meeting:

“Lauberes berries” SIA – the company is active in the production of bush-melons. They are grown in 14 ha, so that our table must be very delicious, and there is a great deal of hand-to-hand work and therefore many working hands are needed. In our friendly collective, with a quiet, peaceful bird songs, we call upon the neighboring colleagues who do not have any foreign physical hardship. For the next-living providers, the night-quarters.

“Antile” SIA, restaurant Neptune –  we are a green-thinking restaurant in Jurmala with more than 50 years of experience and day-to-day work on the principles of sustainable farming. Located in a beautiful place in the Baltic Gulf dune zone and in the territory of Kemeri National Park. Our principles at work – to host naturally-friendly, cook from heart, make maximum use of local and seasonal products. Join our team with our principles!

“AROSA-R” SIA SIA “aROSA-R” is the largest breeder in Latvia. At least 150 seasonal berry readers are required during harvest. There is a chance to live on the spot because it makes it possible for all good time to be used to collect berries. The company is located within 10 km from the Jelgava centre.

“Agrolats Holding” A/S – a dynamically growing association of companies, which has been active in key sectors of the economy for more than 25 years – in agriculture and food production, as well as in retail trade and in the provision of various types of services. THE AGROLATS GROUP today combines companies with equal understanding, values and access to business development, as well as the goal of creating a sustainable, mutually supportive business environment in Latvia and contributing to the development of the overall economy.

“DO ELARTI” SIA the main activity of the company is the cultivation of vegetables, but it is also active in the forestry sector – planting of forests, agro-technical care and the care of young generations. We have been working for 7 years in the forestry sector. Forest planting is the most commonly used method of renewal: it can be applied to many types of forest growth conditions. Proper and qualitative planting is a safe forest restoration method that ensures optimal growth conditions for tree plants. The work is done both in spring and early summer and in autumn. An appropriate forest planting inventory is used for planting – shovel, special planting barrel, seedlings.

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