We'll help you get the winter supplies for seniors!


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Viļānos takes place in the stock: “we will provide winter supplies to seniors”. The initiative comes under the “Volunteering Cities +” project to mark international seniors. The aim of the project is to promote volunteering and to consolidate the Community in order to enhance the involvement of society in various societal processes, including in order to foster care for one another. The leader of the volunteer group, Morozova, acknowledges that it is important to remember the other people as well. 

The promotion started on his father's day AT Viļānu. Currently, you can bring your rusty benefits to a Viļānu cultural house by calling 28662346.

The promotion will continue until October 1, the international day of seniors. Then an event is planned, during which all the benefits will be given to lonely seniors! Let's get seniors a moment of joy and a vitamin dose of a meal!

Prepared by: Inta Rimšāne, Ministry of External Relations of the municipality of Rezekne

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