Awarded Awards “Rēzekne Municipality 2022”

For the eleventh year, 19 March of the Rēzekne municipality is a significant day – the day of the Rēzekne municipality, when the celebration ceremony of the “Rēzekne District Company” is held. This year, the most successful, socially responsible and most active municipalities of Latvia were served IN THE cultural house OF Viļānu.

The solemn ceremony was discovered by the Chairman OF the Rēzekne District Council, Monvīds Švarcs, who stressed the importance of economic operators in the common society ecosystem. In view of the close links of entrepreneurship with the processes in society and the world, entrepreneurs in Rezekne municipality are socially responsible for their family, their employees, the society, both in Latvia and beyond. The municipality of Rēzekne proud of its economic operators, who in the current geopolitical situation were able to address the humanity and provide a helpful hand to the Ukrainian civilians.

By describing who the businessman is, the evaluation of the competition by the President OF the Commission, Inta Brence, stated: “the businessman is a businessman who does and who loves his job.” A businessman is a developer who learns much, experiences and invests his knowledge in the company. The entrepreneur is a performer – he is implementing his dreams, his goals. The entrepreneur is a supporter, he supports those who love and those who need to be supported. The entrepreneur is a resident who resides in accordance with his own rules, in his opinion. '

The competition “Rēzekne Municipality 2022” was announced at the end of last year. Nominations could be submitted by citizens, company employees, public advisory councils, municipal authorities. Seven new nominations were launched this year to encourage entrepreneurs to focus on topical topics. It is true that both European entrepreneurs and family and local entrepreneurs are invited to compete. The Commission for the evaluation of the competition in Rēzekne Municipality, the head of the associations of associations and the representatives of the municipality of Rezekne, visited entrepreneurs.  

Winners of the competition “Rēzeknes Municipality 2022”: 

Nomination “Annual remigrant - owner of SIA “Vimana” Maris hukas (Feimaņu civil parish).

In 2022, the Rēzekne municipality, in THE Lake OF Feimaņu, took its first season to “Vimana”. Regular journeys were offered from May to October. It is a great opportunity to explore cultural heritage and Feimaņu natural landscapes. The service has been used by up to 4000 tourists, including foreign visitors from Baltic States, USA, Norway, Netherlands, India, Japan etc. The captain of the ship, Maris Romakh, is the patriot of Latgale and knows all its precious stones. The home of Mara is Feimaņu parish, but has lived for some time in both Denmark and Sweden, THE US, as well as Riga until returning. Maris has completed the history of Latvia's university history and philosophy, studying Latgale's history, is a developer of Latgale's flag, working in SIA “BALTIC FLAGS”. During the trip, Maris tourists are fascinated with stories about Feimaņu parish, its history and ancient words.

Nomination “Annual employer ”– SIA“ ALBA-LTD ”(City OF Viļānu).

In 2017, SIA “ALBA-LTD” started investment and reconstruction works at the trade centre Viļānos, Rîina Street 23 k-1. In 2022, the works were completed. During the reconstruction, extensive reconstruction and improvement works of the building were carried out, the construction of indoors, communication, including the asphalation of the parking area. As a result, modern conditions are created as visitors to the store, its employees. THE employees of SIA “ALBA-LTD” appreciate the premature attitudes of the management, the well-established recreational facilities, the good working conditions, health insurance, salinity measures and more.
As a result of reconstruction, SIA “ALBA-LTD” Viļānos created 11 new jobs, contributing TO THE economic growth OF Viļānu.

In this nomination, the following nominations were also made::

  • RSEZ SIA “Verems” (Valmiera civil parish)
  • ZS “liepziedi” (Stolerova civil parish)

Nomination “Year-end image promoter“– SIA“ sapire-L ”owner Liente Litavniece (Kaunatas civil parish).

THE production of SIA “SAFEKRA-L” is evidence that flavour food may also be healthy. The raw materials for fruit and vegetable powders and confectionery are taken from their garden as well as from various organic farms. The product is suitable for anyone – it does not contain allergen, it does not contain glutene and lactose.
The owner of the company Liente Litavniece states that the entire production is under strict control, obtaining the relevant documents, but the most important evaluation is the family itself. One of the favorite products in the rade is tomato powder, which won a bronze medal in 2022. SIA “SAFEKRA-L” is a member of THE store network GEMOSS. SIA “SAPIRA-L” identifies itself as a company in Rezekne, as it uses the identity and recognition mark “isololot in Rēzekne District”.

In this nomination, the following nominations were also made::

  • Holiday house “Kadibalgs” (Feimaņu civil parish)
  • EVERY “Vītolkrasti” (parish Mākoņkalna)
  • Traditional knowledge-holders' association “Pudnamku shaves”
  • Ieva Spitch (Gaigalavas civil parish)

Nomination “Annual Cooperation Partner ”– IK“ Obelisk Farm ” (Dekšāres civil parish). 

“OBELISK FARM” is a farm dedicated to hemp, founded in 2017 BY Andris and Débora in the village of Obelišku.
Owners deal with the cultivation of hemp, produce high-quality hemp products, as well as educate the society about the benefits and use of hemp. In 2022, EVERY “OBELISK FARM” took part in the European Heritage Days, receiving guests on their farm. In 2022, “OBELISK FARM” was produced by three varieties of hemp – “Fedora 17”, “Earlina 8 fc” and “pūriņi”. The businessman participated in more than 50 different local, national and international events, taking up more and more stakeholders, also taking part in the annual business event organised by the municipality of Rezekne, “businessmen call for villages!” In 2022, AN event dedicated to the International Senior Day was held IN Dekšāres parish, during which the “autumn benefit” baskets were collected. In the event of the event, a quiz was held for which the prizes were held EVERY “OBELISK FARM”. Thank you for your participation in THE charity trade organised BY THE Viļānu cultural house at the time of Adventes. EVERY “Obelisk Farm” supports not only local events but also forms cooperation with other Latvian entrepreneurs. 

This nomination also gave rise to::

  • SIA “Cukurella” (Dricānu civil parish)

Nomination “Annual company with youth involvementSIA “Bendick” (City OF Viļānu).

SIA “BENDIKS” is a wide-ranging service spectrum service provider, offering customers both auto service and automation and auto-component store services. SIA “BENDIK”, in cooperation with the youth international programme agency, implemented the European Solidarity Corps project “Sia“ BENDIKS ”IN 2021-2022, providing an opportunity to enter the labour market, in addition to providing the opportunity to use theoretical knowledge in the supervision of experienced employees. In 2022, SIA “BENDICK” has given the opportunity for several young people to acquire working skills and to explore the working environment in the framework of the youth international programme agency project “NAMELY and DO!”. In collaboration with Malnava College and Rezekne Technical School, SIA “BENDIKS” has provided traineeships for six students last year.

This nomination also gave rise to::

  • SIA Puordare (Dricānu civil parish)

Nomination “annual company - sports and health promoter” – sports club “Latgolys Vonogi” (Vērēmu civil parish).

The original intention of the association was to promote the volleyball in Rēzekne District. The association is still working on the volleyball competitions of his team and also organizes a volleyball league. In the event “Rēzekne municipality SPORTS LAUREATE 2022” in the category “Year event in sport”, the winner of the winners won the organisation of “Sabra volleyball league”. The people of both Rēzekne municipality and Madona, Jçkabpils, Preiles and other municipalities participate in the league games. The aim of the sports club “Latgolys Vonogi” is to focus youth on sport. Local residents are also invited to participate in a variety of hiking or hosting. Currently Oscars Krukovskis is actively promoting a new sport in Rēzekne municipality – MAMANET.

In this nomination, the following nominations were also made::

  • Diving club “Nautilus” (Kaunatas civil parish)

Nomination “annual aid to Ukraine” — Z/S “candle” owner Dainis candle (Bērzgales civil parish).

The events of 2022 in Ukraine also affected the activities of the holiday rural home. In spring, Dainis candle made his estate to accommodate refugees. In collaboration with the owner of the “morning” of the canteen, Rasmu Germans was covered with food, festivals in the festival, both Latvian and Ukrainian people's national food. The guest houses owned by all active seasons were reserved for Ukrainian civilians. Many families of Ukrainian tribes still hold A Z/S “candle” holiday home.

In this nomination, the following nominations were also made::

  • RSEZ SIA “Verems” (Vērēmu civil parish)
  • SIA “Silgali-I” (Viļāni)
  • EVERY Rasma Germane (Bērzgales civil parish)
  • SIA “fregate” (Kaunatas civil parish)
  • Z/S “Ezerkrasti” (Čornajas civil parish)
  • SIA “Green Island-R” (Griškānu civil parish)

This year, the winners of the competition also received the annual businessman award of Rezekne – a design object that reflects the light and also the complex road to success. The prize was created by the idea of Alexander Rezvova, a secondary school graduate of the University of Rēzekne. Each nominant received prizes, which were collected in collaboration with businessmen of the municipality, as well as the special gifts of two entrepreneurs – the book “Evalds Vasilevskis” of the association “Pudnamku shaves”, which was given by the association representative Evija Vasilevska and the planner of the League Springas in Latgalian language “Giut breidi”. The prizes were also summed up by the businessmen who supported Ukraine and its civilians in that year.  

Every entrepreneur has already been reported: Rēzekne municipality on Facebook Page.

Prepared by: Liana spokesperson, Rēzekne municipality business development specialist 

Photo: Dagnia Bernane

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