Sporta biedrība “SEDNA”

Address: The sports hall of the association IS located at: Jupatovka street 1/2, Rezekne, where various types of training and training equipment are held.

Legal address: memorial street 6, Audrinu parish, Rezekne district LV-4611




  • Oļegs Pavlov – President
  • Nikolai Pušnakov - Vice-President
  • Vladimir Jershaw,
  • Dennis Vidazups

The sports association “SEDNA” was founded on 1 July 2004. Its objectives are to combine sports clubs, organise their activities and promote cooperation; develop sport in Latgale and Latvia; promote the exchange of experience with participation in sports events; organise Latvian and international sports events.

During his life, the association has gained widespread recognition. The objectives of the association have been supported by both the city council of Rezekne, allocating money and supporting events, both the Council of Rezekne District and now the municipality of Rezekne, allocating funds to sports events and people familiar to society. Athletes supported by the association have achieved high achievements in both Latvian and global competitions.


A kickbox as a sport in the future has an opportunity to enter the list of Olympic sports sports. In the future, it is planned to create a sports base for this sport. It is planned to renounce the Olympic sport as a boxing base. Around 80 people who live in both the Rēzekne municipality and the city of Rezekne are currently engaged in the kickboxing section.

Trainers :

  • Nikolai Pušnakov, phone 2 9100236 (training in Kikboxa, boxa) - vicechampion at the European Championship in 2003, eighth Latvian champion in Kikboxa, winner of various international competitions.
  • Vladimir Jershaw, phone 2 7132663 (training in Kikboxa) – World Champion in Kikboxa in 2002, multiple winner of Latvia and international competition.

Training takes place RPSK “REBIR” in the hall, release alley 165/1


As of 2008, the sports association “SEDNA” has concluded a lease agreement with the Council of Verham parish on Kartodroma rental. Cartodroma's repair has already been carried out. On September 27, 2008, “LATGALE CUP 2008” was held in the first competition, with 46 athletes from Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The trips took place in six sports classes: mini, Hobbi-Junior, Hobbi-JCA, m-125, KZ-2 and veterans. In the future, the following competitions are planned: mapping, minibaiku, scooter, athletics, skyoring, cantri-crossa and Super-moto. On this occasion, there are cooperation agreements with LMF (Latvian Moto Federation), “LAMA” (Latvian alternative motto association) and “”.

Coach/consultant Oļegs Pavlovs, phone 264656 77 – motorcycle training instructor

Training takes place Valga parish in the territory of the Council, Kartodroma (Greivui).

Fitness and trainer hall

In March 2009, the first of the scheduled trainers and Fitness sports medicine, located in the northern district of Rezekne, opened. There are two dressing rooms, showers, sauna, massage cabinet.

Coach/consultant Andrejs Bogdanov, phone. 2 9377515 – instructor

Training takes place Administrative buildings of the former milking plant in the sports hall (cross street of workers 5a/1).


As of 2005, the skiing route in Anchupans is renowned. A trace is held every year in the Viping Forest Park area. In this sport, we cooperate with the Rēzekne Border Guard.

Consultant Oleg Pavlov, phone 26465677

Best achievements of the sports association “SEDNA”:

  • Vladimir Jershaw – World Champion in 2002, WKA version;
  • Nikolai Pušnakov – vice-champion at the European Championship in 2003, WKA version;
  • Oļegs Pavlovs – won a title A class judge in Kikboxa, WKA version;
  • Nikolai Pušnakov – 5 th place winner in World Championship 2005, WKA & IAX versions;
  • Viktor Makushev – Latvia's one of the best official trainers in Kikboxa (currently retired);
  • SB “SEDNA” — best sports club in the city of Rezekne in 2006;
  • Oļegs Pavlovs – won the title “international class judge in Kikboxa”, WAKO version 2007;
  • SB “SEDNA” — best sports club in the city of Rezekne in 2007;
  • In the 2007 Latvian Open Championship, our athlete Nikolai Filipov was the best Kikboxer and won the Latvian Republic's master's degree in Kikboxa.
  • Nikolai Filipov – winner of the European Championship in 2007, WAKO version;
  • Andris Pastars – winner of the European Championship in 2007, WAKO version;
  • Two international-class masters in Kikboxa;
  • Two Latvian masters of the Republic of Latvia;
  • 31 Latvian competition champion;
  • 15 international competition champions;
  • The total number of medals obtained is 130, 63 gold, 32 silver and 35 bronze
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