Notification regarding the approval of the spatial plan of the Rēzekne municipality AND the issuance of binding regulations


Planning documents

The Rēzekne municipality council 21.07.2022. has adopted decision No 762 “on the approval of the final version of the spatial plan of the Rēzekne Municipality Viļānu and the binding Regulation No 56 of the municipality of Rēzekne of 21 July 2022“ Provisions for the use and construction of the spatial plan of the territory of the Rēzekne municipality Viļānu, and the figurative part ”(Protocol No 19, § 3).

According to legislation, after coming into force of binding regulations, a period of 2 months is planned for each person to submit a submission to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (hereinafter – Ministry) regarding the approved spatial plan. The Ministry has to deliver an opinion within three months.

Draw attention to the fact that by the time of receipt of the opinion of the Ministry, the spatial plan of the Rēzekne municipality IS not feasible and the local government spatial planning field is subject to binding regulations, which approved the previous spatial plan – Viļānu municipality's binding Regulation No. 3 of 2 September 2009, regarding the spatial plan of Viļānu.

Materials are available in the national single geospatial information portal, under “Territorial Development Planning”,

Tatjana Carklence, Head of the Territorial Planning and Working Group

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