Paziņojums par vēlēšanu iecirkņu komisiju locekļu kandidātu pieteikšanu Eiropas Parlamenta vēlēšanām 2024. gada 8. jūnijā

Rēzeknes novada vēlēšanu komisija no 2024. gada 20.februāra līdz 15.martam izsludina iecirkņu komisiju locekļu kandidātu un vēlēšanu iecirkņu komisiju locekļu pienākumu izpildītāju (rezervistu) izvirzīšanu darbam Rēzeknes novada vēlēšanu iecirkņu komisijās Eiropas parlamenta vēlēšanu organizēšanai. Pieteikuma veidlapās var norādīt konkrētu iecirkni, uz kuru persona kandidē, vai pieteikt darbam uz jebkuru no 32 vēlēšanu iecirkņiem Rēzeknes novadā.

Any voter may be appointed as a Member of the Commission of the District:

  1. who knows the Latvian language;
  2. having at least general secondary education;
  3. who has not been nominated as a candidate for a Member or is not a authorised person for the submission of a list of candidates;
  4. who is not a member of the European Parliament, the Saeima, the relevant local government council;
  5. who is not a member of another electoral commission or another Member of the Commission.

The right to nominate and submit their representatives to the Commission shall be:

  1. registered political parties or associations of registered political parties;
  2. not less than ten voters;
  3. Rezekne is a member of the Commission of the Commission.

Each political party or association of political parties, electoral group or member of the relevant electoral commission may nominate and submit up to seven candidates in each compartment.

If the candidate is nominated by the electoral group, the application to be signed each voter, giving his name, surname and personal identity number.

Completed application forms must be submitted:

  • Rēzeknes novada vēlēšanu komisijas sekretārei, Atbrīvošanas alejā 95A, Rēzeknē, 40. kabinetā;
  • Electronically, in accordance with the requirements of the legal force and documents of documents, by sending to the Commission e-mail

Contact phones:

27878199 - Chairman of the Rezekne Region Election Commission Juris Dombrovskis
64607188 - Rēzeknes novada vēlēšanu komisijas sekretāre Indra Kroiče

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