Available support for household/boiler replacement households



Since 15 March of that year, the Environmental Investment Fund (SWF) accepts project applications from private households for the replacement of heating equipment (a project competition “reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in households – support for the use of renewable energy sources”). The replacement of an existing heating boiler (e.g. coal boiler) against a new heat generation facility which may be wood biomass boiler suitable for pellet fuels, with a total installed capacity of up to 50 kW, solar collector systems with a storage tank capacity of up to 400 l; heat pump (air, water, land) with a total installed capacity of up to 50 kW. In addition to private houses, new generation equipment (micro-generators) can also be installed: solar power stations (solar panels and invertor) with a total installed capacity of up to 11,1 kW; wind power station (wind generator and invertor) with a total installed capacity of up to 11,1 kW.

The project applicant is a natural person who has acquired property rights in the Land Register to a private residential house for which the heating equipment is intended to be replaced or other equipment is installed. Projects may be submitted until their estimated funding of eur 20 000 000, but no longer than 31 December 2023.

For one project, the maximum aid shall be eur 15 000 and the maximum allowable aid intensity shall not exceed: 70% from the cost of acquisition of the facility, up to a fixed amount of aid for a specific capacity facility (for example, a 20 kW boiler replacement per granular boiler maximum aid amount of 3000 EUR).

Details, form of application, information seminars:  http://www.lvif.gov.lv ; http://www.ekii.lv/  (see Publications of 15, 18 March); SWF contacts: 67 845 111; 25 480 151; 25 480 152; 25 480 153

Contact person in the municipality: Brigita Arbidane 64607185

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