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Lendzu civil parish

Ingona Schulberg is the owner of the household, the company “gold Rica”, who bakes a healthy, natural, nutritious and delicious bread in a family farm home called “pine” in the parish OF Rezekne, Lendžu. There is warmth, humulence, pleasure and pleasant smell in the place where the bakery takes place.

The bread is favorite in the closest areas

The baked bread of Ingoon is dedicated to customers in Rezekne, Rēzekne District, Ludza, Ludza District, Jçkabpils, Lieldice and Riga. She tells him that the baking process is very interesting – to love and see the dough, to create loaves and to follow them. In doing so, the main thing is to smile and think good and light.

Ingoon is very grateful to her grandmother, who has baked bread. One is in the sun. Despite the generous number of years, the other grandmother still likes to participate in the baking process. She can always ask for advice, but her grandmother's bread recipe isn't even signed by her granddaughter. All watched by the process.  

For more than 20 years, Ingoon worked at school. I thought he did n't know anything other than the teacher's work. The time of the pandemic caused several people to change their thoughts and to turn to another. Ingoin also had 10 baked bread for his family, but for the last two years, actively experimenting, tried to find the best recipes. Baked, gifted with relatives, friends who acknowledged that the bread was delicious. Positive feedback received. Both individuals and businesses have started to be interested and expressed their willingness to cooperate.

Lessons learned in a small business organization

All the most important things in life are organized if you have been influenced by your own work. Ingoon. In the State Agency for Employment, she learnt the training course “small business organisation”, after which it is recommended to write the project.

That was the moment when she realized, yes, to look at the bread-baking, the right direction. However, the question of whether the right thing is right is very strong at first. I realize that if people call, they're interested, so the choice will be correct. Ingoon says that he must listen to himself, he must believe himself in order to assess when it is just to stop when important decisions are taken.

Inhan enjoyed working directly in practical terms, so the work on the creation of the business plan “Gold Rica” was not a special pleasure. By doing calculations, it was not so easy to understand how everything would actually happen. It is only now that she really appreciates that it was useful and acknowledges that if she had a chance, she would be involved in another project. This is an opportunity for faster growth, without denying that they can deal with their own forces, but it is important, in the context of market competition, not to stop and continue to develop. When writing a business plan, as well as starting an activity, the State Agency of Employment offers specialist advice. This is a big support. Ingoon says sincere thanks to her advisor, Ineta Silabriede, who helps her with advice.

Grandma bread in cepa furnace on maple leaves

Ingoon works in her home kitchen. Grandma's bread on the cepa stove on the maple leaves, hard work was a dough of dough. Now it is done by a kitchen comb, the baking is facilitated by an electric oven in which the bread is baked with a soft crust.

She likes to experiment with additives. Used in fields – garlic, bulbs, carrots, pumpkins, red beet, various greens and herbs. Seasonal bread is baked, such as sodium bread, which was very demanding. The hats even missed, they had to look at their neighbors and acquaintances.

Bread with fat, dried tomatoes, olives, cheese, nuts, different seeds and dried fruit is baked. A bread of rice, buckwheat or oat meal is offered to people who may not eat rye and wheat flour.

Before attaching the dough, all ingredients must be crushed and carefully weighed. Each bribe must be placed in a form, alleviated, each being doubled and positive energy filled. After removal from the furnace, the bread is warm to be soft.

We're going to experiment very much

Not always the expected result. With some recipes, you have to experiment very much, very much, tried, improved while you feel that it will be good. Sometimes the bread can be angry, even you can't understand what was wrong.

Despite the fact that bread is a daily product, people like to try, taste something new and unusual. The assortment is diversified throughout the time, both according to festivals, traditions, anniversaries and seasonality.

In the meantime, while the bread is bitter, sweet potatoes are prepared for healthy food from oat flakes with honey, nuts and other healthy additives.

Also a healthy knife

The festival also has a variety of delicious and healthy knives that the customer can receive in packed and beautifully packed boxes.

Ingoon doesn't like a big spell. The best are individual orders or participation in a small event. Then the bread can be safely put up, and the client can talk calmly. Your group has been created in the app Whatppwhere you insert information about quotation, news, delivery days, and also orders. Many things are discussed, received recommendations, recipes on social networks Facebook “Monitor of bread lovers””. Other social networks will also be used, but everything needs to be found. The best is the oral advertising.

The market competition feels that you're still “green”, as Ingoin itself says. The client is shopping cautiously, prolonging. Very pleasant if you already recognize in the markets. The Christmas fair had come next to Aglona's bakery. At first I thought you were a small little girl. You realize that you're with your “smell” and from other different offers.

To be constantly learnt

Ingoin appreciates the role of education in the lives and activities of each person, as it is believed that it is necessary to study and develop. Much information can be obtained in social networks. However, she stresses that it is necessary to be able to assess and select the usefulness of not going into a “mess of information”.

A very good experience gained from the participation in the masterclass “rye starry basics” led by Iveta Penele. Everything was combined: knowledge, experience, positive emotions, heart warmth. At home, Ingoon went out with a certificate and a full commitment to go on with even more fire.

Ingoin wrote in his business plan: “When grains are ground in flour, mixed with water and additives, a loaf of bread is created – the blessing of the house. At that moment, the smell of peace and joy comes home. That's why i want to create and tell my story.

Anastasia Saleniece
LLCC Rēzekne Rural Development Consultant

Photo: March Vorkale


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