Apply for seminars organised BY LLCC “LLCC” on the conditions and types of receipt of new aid payments



THE Rēzekne Bureau OF SIA “LLCC” organizes seminars on the conditions and ways of receiving new aid payments within the framework of the Strategic Plan of the Latvian Common Agricultural Policy (CAP SP).

On 14 April at 10.00 The Rezekne municipality is located IN THE Rogovka sports hall OF Nautrēnu.

On 18 April at 10.00 seminar will take place in Rezekne, Gardens Street 7a.

On a seminar in Rezekne, we are invited to log in by calling Sanitai Gedusor at number 26524227 or by email:

You can select the most convenient time and location of the seminar if you are interested in it, both on 14 April and 18 April.

An invitation to all who wish to apply for payments in the spring to come and listen. The information is wide, not at once comprehensible.

There are many new definitions.

This really would be the last time to understand and assess which types of aid each individual holding may qualify for. You may need to reassess the plant change plan, or you may need to buy seed material in addition. Therefore, be active! Look for answers to unclear questions that are most convenient to do directly in seminars.

Issues to be seen in the seminar:

1. Conditions for the new programming period for different types of aid.

2. Procedures for the preparation of applications in the electronic login system of the Rural Support Service (EPS).

Lectore - Marina Sumarokova (Head of the eu Direct Payments Unit OF LAD East Latgale Regional Agricultural Administration)

3. Agricultural land management system. Farm planning tool “my field”.

Lectore - Anita dzene, LLCC Rēzekne office crop consultant

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