Rezekne's Open Volleyball Championship Rēzekne District for Women's team – 2 nd place



Saturday, 16 April, in the two sports hall of Rezekne. 9.00 began the open volleyball championship for women. There were 10 teams that were divided into two groups.

While playing the first stage, the ladies of the Rēzekne municipality took 1 st in their group, winning “Dagdu”, “SEE”, “hares” and “Adamov”, automatically entering the semi-final.

In the semi-final, our guys met with the team “Bērzgale”, which was winning rather nervous. The final force was no longer sufficient, hence the 2 nd place. Linda Bumbesha, Sarmite Broliver, Victoria Gudele, Guna Steele, Dairo Mitchhane, Liv Steel, Ilona pie, Ilona Vabale.

For the first time in such a high-priced tournament where adult teams play, the new Rēzekne-led volleyball change - Rēzekne District BJSS 07 (in the team of 2009, 2008, 2007) was also started. The games were seen as good practice. The girls won one game, and the others were forced to panic to more experienced opponents. Wish it to continue!


Oscars Krukovskis, Rēzekne municipality, RN coach

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