Rēzekne District Officers visited London crafts weekly events



Is there something common in the world of ceramic, weaving and pinning? What are the design or green trends in craft and art? On these and other issues, the Rēzekne District Officers had the opportunity to reflex in May of that year by expanding their vision of European epicentre - London, where exhibitions, masterpieces and demonstration shows were visited during the London crafts week. This experience was possible thanks to the project “Strengthening the traditional crafts of Latgale”.

During the trip, from 9 to 12 May, twelve amateurs from Latgale, including representatives from Rezekne municipality, visited in four saturated days:

  • exhibitions and demonstration demonstrations “tangible beings”;
  • the exhibition “Cathar crafts”;
  • An exhibition of British ceramic Jago Poynter works;
  • artisanal demonstrations “carving and painting effects in the Chelsea Textiles workshop”.

Excursion on creative workshops with demonstration shows at the Pimlico Road design block was also provided.

The project will continue with the planned installation of the smoke in THE autumn of this year IN THE Lūznavas manor complex, where both the Rēzekne municipality and the city's youth, as well as guests and tourists, will be able to test their hands in the drying.

Details of the project in the municipality of Rezekne shall be carried out in the planning department of the local government or by telephone 64607177. Information can also be followed in the Facebook pages of Latgale planning region and project “crafts without borders”. London experience video and amateur reviews on YouTube channel Handmade Latgola HERE and HERE

To appointments in other project activities!

For reference: 3 rd round of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020, LLIII-064 “Strengthening Latgale Traditional Craft” or Crafts 2.0 is a capitalisation project that strengthens the results achieved in the “non-border crafts” project. The leading partner is Latgale planning region, other partners - Augšdaugava municipality, Award of prizes, Kraslava municipality and the municipality of Rezekne.

Informāciju sagatavoja Rēzeknes novada pašvaldības projektu vadītāja Inga Zeltiņa-Ušpele
Photo: Eduard Medvedev

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