In the days of Rezekne, the most beautiful landlords and the best entrepreneurs will be honoured



Every year in the middle of the summer, Rezekne municipality offers an exciting, sporting family event to his people – the days of Rezekne municipality. On July 10, THE Rēzekne Municipality of the Rēzekne municipality was already closed AT Viļānu on the island of lakstīgalu, but several other day events are expected at the end of this weekend. As this year, because of the epidemiological conditions, the festival celebration is limited to a larger number of visitors, the events will take place in each parish of Rezekne municipality separately, taking into account the restrictions laid down at that time. 

 In order to promote the development and development of the parish area of Rezekne, encourage the activity of the population and participation in the collection of their work and life and the building of the cultural environment, motivating the parish residents to be responsible for the cleaning of their property, the municipality of Rezekne, in cooperation with the parish administrations, organised the competition of the municipality of Rezekne “SKAISTA MUNA TAVA...”. The task of the competition was to clarify the most common courtyards and the building of private houses and multi-apartment buildings located in the village area. On July 16, at Luznava and Lendes, on 17 July, the “Colnasate” Museum of Makoņkalns and Franz Tradog, “Colnasate”, WILL take place in THE parish OF Sakstagala in which the winners will be honoured. The winners from each parish association will be given a painting with the victory of the winner holding the day of the Rēzekne municipality, as well as the astonishment of surprise. Information about the competition can be found on the home page of Rezekne

Similarly, in these days each parish association will be awarded a prize competition “Rezekne Municipality 2019” and “Rezekne District Enterprise 2020” for winners. The honesty of entrepreneurs usually took place in Joseph's Day on 19 March, but in recent years, due to the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, this beautiful and exciting event had to be abolished. The winners were set in several nominations - the year's new company, the annual agricultural company, the annual family business, the annual artisanal/domestic producer, the annual tourism service provider, the annual innovation implementer, the annual company - THE VIP (local identity product), the annual employer. The nomination laureates will receive a traditional statue showing the light and also the difficult road to success. Award was created by the artist Norbert Kudins, an artist of the University of Rēzekne's art and design secondary school graduate Alexander Rezvova.



Anna Ranāne, 
Rēzekne municipality website content editor

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