Residents of Rezekne municipality may receive benefits in significant life anniversaries


Social Department

Residents of Rezekne municipality can receive benefits in a significant lifetime of life – celebrating 85, 90, 95.100 and 105 years. The benefit is entitled to receive persons who have declared their habitual residence in the administrative territory of the municipality of Rezekne.

A benefit in a significant life anniversary on the basis of a client application shall be granted and paid in the following amount:

85 years of anniversary – 85.00 EUR (eighty-five) euro, 00 cents);
90-year anniversary – 90.00 EURO (ninety euro, 00 cents);
95-year-anniversary – 95.00 EURO (ninety-five euro, 00 cents);
100 years of anniversary – 100.00 EURO (one hundred euro, 00 cents);
105 years of anniversary – 105.00 EURO (one hundred-five) euro, 00 cents).

The benefit is one-off and the entitlement to the benefit remains within 1 (one) year from the anniversary date. In order to design the benefit, the customer or his or her authorised person must fill in the submission to be submitted in the parish administration or in the social service of the municipality of Rezekne. Submission available HERE.

The assigned allowance is paid to the customer by a transfer to a client bank account. Phone Reference 64607176.

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