Results of the Olympics of the Rēzekne municipality (2018/2019 m.g.)



Subject matter  Results
Biology for Classes 9, 11 and 12 See
Economy for Classes 10-12 See
Physics for Classes 9-12 See
Geography for Classes 10-12 See
Chemistry for Classes 9-12 See
Latvian language for Classes 7 and 8 See
Latvian language and literature for Classes 11-12 See
Latvian language and literature for Classes 8-9 See
Mathematics for Class 4 See
Mathematics for Classes 5-8 See
Mathematics for Classes 9-12 See
Olympics for Class 4 See
German for Class 8 See
History for Classes 9-12 See
English for Classes 10-12 See
German for Classes 10-12 See
Household (wood and metal technologies) for classes 8-9 See
Household (textile) Classes 8-9 See
Natural sciences Olympics (European Olympics selection) See
Natural sciences (Class 4) See
Russian language (foreign language) clips 10-12 See

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