The Rēzekne municipality has increased competencies in the field of technology



Maltas, Nautrēnu and Viļānu secondary schools as well AS Gaigalavas primary school teachers successfully integrate different technologies into cluster work. With the participation of the Erasmus + project “INTEGRA”, the competences of teachers in the field of technology have increased and students are offered work with diverse technologies. Maltas High-school teacher Csenia Orlova acknowledges: “we offered a group of natural sciences at school, but thanks to the knowledge gained during the project, we started integrating technologies and English into the school year.”

It should be noted that the Rēzekne municipality and the city teachers had the opportunity to develop the knowledge of Jelgava technology secondary school teachers, who encouraged experimentation and expanding their vision, integrating robotics and technologies not only in physics or mathematics but also in foreign languages, art and work with special children.

The Erasmus + project “Establishment of a network of technology integration specialists in school interest education” ran from November 2020 to December 2022. It aimed at restoring and diversifying the offer of educational groups of existing pupils in Rezekne, Rēzekne District, Jonathan (Lithuania), Kupiiski (Lithuania), Headdemedia (Estonia) and Maribor (Slovenia). Years of creative creative, interesting activities. During this time, the participants of the project - educators and young people - acquired new knowledge in technology, as well as acquainted with the countries of the European Union, their people and created new friendship links.

Young people of the participating educational institutions and organisations, together with educators, conducted three-day technology masters not only in Latvia but also in Estonia, Lithuania and Slovenia. Each time, at least 70 participants from four countries participated in masters classes. The majority of the project participants recognise that participation in the project has improved not only the skills of the technology but also the knowledge of English that is necessary in the operation of the team with representatives of other countries.

On October 6, 2022, the Erasmus + project INTEGRA participants and stakeholders from the city of Rezekne, municipality, and teachers from Croatia, Finland and Jelgava Technology High School gathered in Rezekne on the project results dissemination event. During that time, teachers, parents, and other subjects of English, art, physics and other subjects had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the Eastern Latvian creative service centre “Zeimuļs”, Maltas and Viļānu secondary schools, Gaigalavas primary schools, as well as the technology masters and students prepared by the Estonian (Häädemeeste) secondary school and under the guidance of pupils with Spike robots, Ozobots, Lego robots, small robotians Bee-Both, trace with Pro-Bot cars, try programming and other technologies.

Latgale regional television series on the project results dissemination event HERE. 

At the time of the project, teacher training programmes, worksheets for technological projects and scientific article on the integration of technologies in the educational process. The project team hopes that the prepared materials will also be useful for other teachers who are working in the field of non-formal education and are planning new Erasmus + projects.

Inta Rimšāne
project Manager
Rezekne Municipality

For reference:
The European Union co-financed project No 2020-1-LV01-077496 “founding the Network of Technology INTEGRAtionists in pupils' Informal Education”. Project partners: the municipality of Rezekne, the association “angels with us”, the Eastern Latvian creative service centre “Zeimuļs”, Häädemeeste Keskkool (Estonia), Kupiskis Povilas Matulionis progymnasium (Lithuania), Vaikų is the novimo visapusiško lavinimo centre, Jonava (Lithuania), Academia Družba za storitve d.o.o., Maribor (Slovenia).

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