New workplace for customer service operator created in cooperation with NVA customs

At the beginning of March, Luznava Manor, in cooperation with the State Agency for Employment (SEA) and the association “ESTO”, concluded a contract for the launch of a new project, which envisages providing a new job to a customer service operator in the estate.
The project on the involvement of unemployed persons with disabilities in the active employment measure “Measures for certain groups of persons” for the employment of unemployed persons with disabilities for an indefinite period (No 34.13.5-2.3/334) provides that the workplace of the customer service operator will be provided for two years at Luznava Manor. The work in accordance with the requirements was assessed by an ergotherapist selected BY THE SEA, who delivered an opinion on the eligibility of the workplace for the employment of unemployed persons and recommended the necessary actions to adapt the workplace with the necessary technical aids. With the necessary adjustment efforts to perform the duties of the customer service operator in Luznava Manor, Ligita Stikute, whose permanent visitors to the tourist information centre, is already familiar with the possibilities of a similar project, Ligita Luznava Manor was already working several years ago, but in the past couple of years his manor was actively involved in the work as a volunteer.
Ligita will be obliged to serve the manor's clients both on-the-spot and in a non-face-to-face manner, to participate in the day-to-day work of the estate, as well as to participate in the implementation of the marketing activities of Luznava Manor, compiling, preparing and deploying information on several websites and social networks, creating statistics and performing other necessary works.
A little more with Ligita Stikuti can be found in the “Typical Latvian” story, which is the last time in Luznava's manor: In that Ligita admits that her job is one of the reasons that makes life beautiful, encouraging other people with disabilities to seek employment opportunities: “dare, don't be afraid, you're the same person as everyone else, you have the right to work like everyone.” “Ligita wants to believe that if you're looking for job opportunities, then before or later it goes.” However, as a major obstacle to the fact that there is so much unemployment among people with disabilities, there is an unavailability of the environment. Ligita believes that once the situation will change in Latvia, she believes that, with time, employers will be premature, ”says the article.
By encouraging other employers and enjoying the opportunity to offer employment opportunities to Ligita, Ligita's manor manager Iveta Balzer says, “Ligita's presence and work at the estate are not only a great benefit in improving the efficiency of the estate and the growth of Ligita, but also as a momentum in the formation of a mutually solidarity-based society. To a large extent, thanks to Ligita, we have expanded our vision of day-to-day opportunities or lack of people with reduced mobility, and we have also identified the necessary improvements in the area of customs infrastructure. By encouraging inspiration and educational activities involving people with reduced mobility, Luznava Manor has started cooperation with social entrepreneurs and has become a ambassador of social entrepreneurship in Rezekne municipality, inviting already existing entrepreneurs to involve people with reduced opportunities in their work, as well as encouraging young entrepreneurs to launch socially responsible entrepreneurship. But we are now hoping to stabilise the global situation in the near future and then everyone will be able to meet our smiling and responsible employee Ligita in both the day of the manor and the events."
The “implementation of the project“ measures for certain groups of persons ”for the employment of unemployed persons with disabilities for an indefinite period of time” and the provision of a new job in cooperation with the Luznava customs, the association “ESTO” and THE SEA are financed from the national special budget.
Inga Girgule,
Luznava Manor Project Manager

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