Entry into force of the new Rēzekne Municipality Viļānu (Viļānu, Viļānu, Dekšāres and Sokolku parish) spatial plan

Territorial planning

On 21 July 2022, the Rēzekne municipality council adopted a decision (Protocol No 19, § 3) “on the final version of the spatial plan of the Rēzekne Municipality (Viļānu) and the binding Regulation No 54“ Provisions for the use and construction of the spatial plan of the territory OF the Rēzekne District 1 TP5T, and the graphic part ”.

In accordance with the laws and regulations, after the coming into force of the binding regulations and the publication of that decision in the Official Gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis, a period of 2 months was provided for both natural and legal persons for the appealing of the spatial plan. No complaint was received with the complaint. In addition to one month in legislation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development was intended to provide its assessment regarding compliance of the requirements laid down in the spatial plan with the laws and regulations. In the evaluation, the Ministry provided guidance and recommendations on the basis of which the municipality of Rezekne carried out corrections in the land use and building regulations and adopted a decision on 3 November 2022. No. 29, § 2) “on the binding Regulation No 61 of the municipality of Rēzekne of 3 November 2022 on the binding regulations of the municipality of Rezekne of 21 July 2022“ Provisions for the use and construction of the territory of the territory of the Rēzekne municipality Viļānu and of the figurative part ”.

On 14 November 2022, an opinion of the Ministry was received, which noted that the rules for the use and building of THE spatial plan of THE 1 TP5T association were excluded or clarified, which were indicated as non-conforming to the laws and regulations and the new Rēzekne municipality'S Viļānu association of the association could be implemented.

Following publication in the Official Gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis – 17 November 2022, the new Rēzekne Municipality Viļānu (Viļānu, Viļānu, Dekšāres, Sokolku parish) was entered into force.

The spatial plan of the Rēzekne municipality OF Viļānu affects many and different areas – land use, development of business development, cultural monuments, the protection of valuable landscapes, infrastructure, environmental and nature protection and other spatial development issues. In drawing up this programming document, the municipality has tried to balance the interests of all parties within the limits of its capabilities and competencies, taking into account the possibilities of development of the municipality. It is important to note that the spatial plan does not specify and duplicate requirements which have been discussed in another external regulatory act – in the law or Cabinet regulations.

The spatial plan is approved as binding regulations of the municipality and is therefore binding on any person (both legal and natural) who owns or is used and managed by a real estate in the city OF Rēzekne, Viļānu, Viļānu, Dekšāres and Sokolku parish.

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Tatjana Carklence, Planner of the Development Planning Division

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