Continuing laser-technology courses for young people



29 November at 15.45 a regular seminar for young people on the use of laser thehologies in digital art and design will be held in Room 203 of the Rezekne Technology Academy (RTA). The seminar will be managed BY RTA instructors, under which young people will learn the skills to use modern laser technology equipment in the implementation of their creative ideas. Join the seminar at the project manager Intas Rimšānes.
Visual art teachers of the Rezekne municipality are also particularly welcome, as one of the objectives of the project is to train courses managers who will be able to help children and young people with this modern laser equipment in future.
Seminars are held within the EUCIDA - “European Connections in Digital Arts” (“digital art covers Europe”). EUCIDA is a 3-year project financed by the European Union “Creative Europe” and implemented by the modern art centre in Ireland (Rua red) and France (Espace Multimédia Gantner) in cooperation with the municipality of Rezekne. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level.
Anna Rancāne
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photo: Eduards Medvedev

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