Businessmen are invited to apply for the registration of the mark “islolots Rēzeknes”



The by-laws of the Rēzekne municipality council at the meeting of 19 January took the name of the recognizable and identity mark “islolots Rēzekne District”. The procedures for the approval of a certificate shall be the procedures by which economic operators may apply for the receipt and use of a sign. The purpose of the recognition and identity mark is to support the production and service companies in Rezekne, promote the sale and visibility of local products of Rezekne, increase in sales volume, identifying and linking it to the administrative territory of the municipality of Rezekne, thereby contributing to the promotion of Rezekne municipality.

“Rēzekne District” means a recognizability and identity mark which can be used by entrepreneurs of Rezekne, promoting their products and services in the Republic of Latvia and beyond its borders. The identification and identity mark shall certify that the place of origin of the product or service produced or marketed is the administrative territory of the Rezekne municipality and that the products or services are identifiable and qualitative.

The identification and identity mark shall be allocated to products and services if they meet the following criteria:

  • The performer of economic activity is a natural or legal person established in the Republic of Latvia who performs his or her economic activity in the territory of Rezekne District;
  • The registered office of the operator is registered in the administrative territory of Rezekne;
  • The operator's tax debt does not exceed EUR 150,00;
  • The entrepreneur has no indebtedness with the municipality of Rezekne and its institutions;
  • The product or service complies with the requirements of regulatory enactments regarding the quality and safety of products.

Rezekne Municipality Support project contest “Support for the creation and development of companies in the municipality of Rēzeknethe use of the sign is provided for in the project contract.

To receive a sign-in:

  • The operator shall submit a written application to the municipality of Rezekne (Annex 1, see by-laws) for the receipt of a recognition and identity mark;
  • Within 10 (ten) working days after receipt of the application, it shall be examined by the central administration of the municipality of Rezekne and the person responsible for it and prepare a permit or substantiate refusal to use the recognition and identity mark;
  • The identification and identity mark of the “isololot Rēzekne municipality” shall be granted to the operator in the form of an authorisation for the use of the identification and identity mark (Annex 2, see by-laws)

Information regarding the entrepreneurs who will sign up for the use of the sign will be placed in the section “isololot Rēzekne District” of the website. The operator will be able to deploy more information about their activities and offers.

We invite businessmen to sign up for signs.

Rēzekne municipality business development specialists:
Liana speaker:, Tel: 25740422
Evita Igaune:, Tel: 25748078

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