2015. A YEAR

Business in Rezekne municipality in 2015

In order to provide an insight into the business developments in Rezekne municipality, the Lursoft study analysed the dynamics of the companies registered and liquidated in the municipality, examined their overall and average financial results, as well as compiled data on the number of employees in the company registered in the municipality.

The general trend of the country is marked by the municipality of Rezekne

The aggregated data show that, as in the country as a whole, there is a tendency in the municipality of Rezekne to increase the number of enterprises that have been eliminated in recent years than the number of newly registered enterprises. The reasons for the significant number of liquidated enterprises have been the most diverse, but one of the most important – companies not complying with the requirements of the Commercial Law – after the initiative OF THE SRS or the register of companies, excludes from registers companies who do not perform economic activities for a long period of time, whose board of directors does not have a right of representation for a longer period of time, etc.

The data collected by Lursoft shows that 53 new companies were registered in the Rezekne municipality in 2015, but 63 were eliminated at the same time. A similar trend is also observed this year, when 29 new companies have been registered by 6 June, but 41 are eliminated.

In assessing the dynamics of company registration in Rezekne municipality, it is shown that it has been relatively wavy over the past decade. For example, if 75 new companies have joined the company in 2007, the dynamics of registration of new companies has been negative in the next two years, while as of 2010 there has been an increase, which reached the highest point in 2012, when 98 new companies have commenced their activities.

In view of the sectors where the business of Rezekne is most often carried out, the leading positions have shown that there are several sectors where local natural resources are used, such as mixed agriculture, harvesting and the cultivation of cereals, legumes and oil seeds. It is true that, among these sectors, there are also areas of business which have been held for several consecutive years by the first positions between Latvian companies: retail trade and freight transport by road.

Most popular business sectors in Rezekne municipality:

  1. Jauktā lauksaimniecība (augkopība un lopkopība);
  2. Mazumtirdzniecība nespecializētajos veikalos, kuros galvenokārt pārdod pārtikas preces, dzērienus vai tabaku;
  3. Freight transport by road;
  4. Mežizstrāde;
  5. Graudaugu (izņemot rīsu), pākšaugu un eļļas augu sēklu audzēšana.

In taxes last year, they paid more than in 2014

Lursoft aprēķini liecina, ka, neņemot vērā to, ka pēdējos gados samazinājies jaunreģistrēto un pieaudzis likvidēto uzņēmumu skaits, Rēzeknes novada uzņēmumu nodokļu maksājumi valsts budžetā palielinājušies. Apkopotā informācija parāda, ka 2015. gadā novada uzņēmumi valsts budžetu nodokļos papildinājuši ar 8,14 milj. EUR, kas ir par 11,66% vairāk nekā gadu iepriekš.

The largest tax payer in 2015, as in the previous year, has BEEN Latvijas Finieris Rēzekne Special Economic Zone SIA VEREMS, kas aizvadītajā gadā nodokļos valsts budžetā samaksājis 2,07 milj. EUR. Salīdzinot ar 2014. gadu, pērn uzņēmuma samaksāto nodokļu apjoms palielinājies par 0,2 milj.EUR jeb 10,86%.

The second largest taxpayer in the municipality of Rezekne has been a waste management company SIA owned by seven municipalities in the last year. ALAA, kas 2015. gadā valsts budžetā nodokļos samaksājis 582,93 tūkst. EUR jeb par 112,53 tūkst. EUR vairāk nekā gadu iepriekš.

In the third place, with 437,93 thousand EUR for large payments in the national budget are ranked IN 2015 Ludza Forestry, which, like the two previous companies, has increased the amount of taxes paid in the State budget.

It should be noted that all companies registered in Latvia have paid 5.7 billion euros in the state budget in 2015, which is 0.4 billion euros more than a year before.

The average turnover of the municipality exceeds the average national average annually

Pēdējo piecu gadu periodā Rēzeknes novada uzņēmumi visaugstāko kopējo apgrozījumu sasnieguši 2013. gadā, kad novadā reģistrētie uzņēmumi apgrozījuši kopumā 126,62 milj. EUR. Jau nākamajos gados sekojis kopējā apgrozījuma kritums, kas turpinājies arī 2015. gadā. Tiesa, paredzams, ka tuvākajā laikā 2015. gada kopējo apgrozījumu sagaida pozitīvas izmaiņas, jo gada pārskatus vēl nav iesnieguši vairāki novada lielie uzņēmumi, kuri kopējo rādītāju ietekmēs pozitīvi, līdz ar to, tas, visticamāk, varētu sasniegt 2014. gada rezultātu.

As a result of the fall in total turnover, the average decrease in turnover has also been observed in recent years. However, despite the fact that it dropped 16,721 TP1T since 2012, it still exceeds the national average.

Lursoft estimates that in 2012, when the average turnover of companies registered in Rezekne was 29.47 thousand IN EUR, the national average was 37.281 TP1T lower. It should be noted that, as the average turnover of companies registered in Rezekne's municipality and the trend increase in the national average, the average weight of registered companies over the country is decreasing annually. For example, in 2015, it was no longer just 11,801 TP1T higher, while in 2014 the average turnover in Rēzekne province over the national average was 31,411 TP1T.

Absolute leader in Rēzekne municipality by volume of turnover in recent years is RSEZ SIA VEREAM. Last year, the company increased its turnover by 17.441 TP1T, reaching 29.88 milj.EU R. continuing growth, it is expected that this year, the company will continue to show increase in turnover because, as SIA indicated in the submitted management report. VEREMS management, in 2016, it is planned to increase the production volume of large-scale plywood by 5,51 TP1T, exceeding the milj.EU threshold of 30%.

After the largest turnover in second place, another company of the Rezekne Special Economic Zone – SIA LEAX Rezekne. Last year, compared to 2014, the company's turnover increased by 9.471 TP1T, reaching 12.18 milj.EU R. Lursoft's available information shows that the company has shown considerable growth since its formation in 2010, able to gradually increase its turnover from 6.05 milj.EU R in 2011 to 12.18 million already mentioned. EUR last year Information available in the annual report shows that 90,371 TP1T from SIA LEAX Rēzekne sales are made up of exports.

Aside from the fall of 23.481 TP1T, last year, the third highest turnover figure in Rezekne municipality has been reported AS Ludza Forestry. In 2015, the harvesting and wood processing company distorted 4.61 milj.EU R, with a significant decrease in profits, falling from 227,40 thousand. Eur in 2014 to 137,57 thousand EUR last year, which is explained by the fall in the prices and volumes of the sales of logs, as well as the increase in the cheapest proportion of assortment.

It should be noted that VERY close Ludza Forestry SIA is also mentioned on the trail NB & BV Transportwhich, due to the increase in turnover by 18,601 TP1T, has been distorted by 4.60 milj.EU R last year.

Profit Indicators Variable

Unlike the average turnover indicator, which has shown a steady downward trend in recent years, the profit figures of the company show variable results annually.

According to the information gathered by Lursoft, the total profit of the Rezekne municipality was estimated at 2.711 TP1T in 2014, reaching 8.34 milj.EU R, but has already increased by 15.111 TP1T in 2015, reaching 9.6 milj.EU R. Note that the merit of such rapid increase in total profit has been several companies. So, for example, VEREMS profit increased by 62,471 TP1T, LEAX Rēzekne – 35,571 TP1T but SIA BASTARD profits increased more than twice. Rapid growth has also been reported by the farm farm of Gaigalava parish JASMINE, whose profits have increased from 30,99 thousand during the year Eur in 2014 to 196,96 thousand EUR last year

When comparing the profit indicator of the company of Rezekne with the national average, it is necessary to provide special attention to the enterprises. Lursoft estimates that in the period from 2012 to 2014, the average of Latvian companies was 0 EUR, which means that the companies have been working without losses, but they have not been able to profit. But at the same time, the average profit rate of the Rēzekne municipality has been measured even in several hundreds, reaching the highest point in 2013, when, according to Lursoft calculations, on average one registered company earned 710.50 EURO.

In the coming years, growth has no longer continued as the year-2014 average of the average average profit is reached with a profit/loss of EUR 0.

The largest company in the year after the profit was previously mentioned in the Rēzekne Special Economic Zone SIA VEREMS, which concluded in 2015 with a profit of 5.24 milj.EU R, which, in comparison with 2014, has an increase of 62.471 TP1T. As the company's profits have grown over the past years, it is shown that it has experienced a gradual increase every year, rising from 336,21 thousand. In 2010, up to 5,24 milj.EU R.

The second highest profit indicator was presented in 2015 by Rēzekne Special Economic Zone SIA LEAX Rezekne, which has increased by 35.571 TP1T during the year, reached 1.05 milj.EU R. LEAX last year Rezekne the management points out that the company invested in the increase in hardening and redemption capacity in the previous year by successfully launching their use at the end of the year, thereby increasing the added value of the products. In the accounting year, the company also acquired new production facilities which give it greater production advantages compared to competitors, which allow the growth of the company to be expected in subsequent years, which is likely to be reflected in the financial indicators of the following years.

In contrast to the two companies mentioned above, whose profits exceed a million euros, subsequent followers cannot be proud of such significant financial indicators, but this does not undermine their willingness to achieve more and better indicators each year.

Lursoft estimated that in terms of profit, the third largest company in Rezekne municipality was SIA SPRUŽEVA M in 2015, which has reached a profit of 0.37 milj.EU R. In comparison with 2014, the profit of the producer of agricultural production decreased by 22,691 TP1T last year.

Positive trend for total number of employees

Due to the registration of new businesses and the growth of existing companies, the number of employees registered in the Rezekne municipality is increasing annually. According to Lursoft, the indicator has already increased by 9.491 TP1T in 2014, reaching 3.2 thousand employees since 2012, when the companies employ 2.9 thousand employees.

Given that companies still continue to submit annual accounts, the increasing trend of the number of employees is expected to continue in 2015.

According to Lursoft, on average every Rēzekne municipality employs 2 workers who are as much as the average in the country

In assessing who operates the largest number of jobs, the two largest companies of Rezekne municipality, SIA VEREMS and Rezekne Special Economic Zone SIA LEAX Rezekne, are advancing in the leading positions. In 2015, 339 and 139 workers were employed in enterprises.

Although the number of employees in the company decreased, THE third place of the list ranks SIA BAIBA, who provided 78 employees with jobs in 2015. The wood-processing company jointly owned by Inese and Dainim Katkovskis and Imanta Koroshevsky, which commenced operations in 1995, qualified for the production of all types of wood pallets in recent years, as well as the purchase of sawn materials, sawn logs and wooden boards. The information submitted in the annual report shows that, in the coming years, SIA BAIBA intends to continue producing all types of wood pallets, increase production capacity and volumes by purchasing new technological equipment and concluding contracts with new co-operation partners. Most or 54,351 TP1T of the company's turnover is made up of sales in France.

* data for 2016 aggregated to 06.06.2016 and 2015 financial indicators – 23.05.2016 

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