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In 2022, 9 222 new companies were registered in Latvia, eliminated 11 510 – such data are available in the register Lursoft. At least 50% active enterprises in 2022 are limited liability companies (SIA), the second largest group – low-capital sia, approximately 14% consists of farm holdings (ZS) and 6% - individual merchants (IK).

Number of enterprises per business and forms in Rezekne municipality

In the Lursoft system, 1.981 companies were in the Rēzekne municipality in 2022. Most – approximately 45% - from registered farmers (ZS). A similar number of registered companies is a limited liability company (SIA), as the third most common form of business follows an individual merchant (IK).

Most of them – 588 – enterprises engaged in mixed farming (cropping and livestock farming). It is followed by companies with areas of activity respectively:

  • Cereals, legumes, seed cultivation
  • Retail trade
  • Freight transport by road and removal services
  • Harvesting
  • Wood processing
  • Automechanics
  • Tourism – accommodation
  • Fisheries

Registration and liquidation of undertakings

During the last year, there has been no rapid increase in the number of companies eliminated in Rezekne municipality. On the contrary, in view of the dynamics of previous years, the dynamics of the number of registered and liquidated enterprises is decreasing. On the background of the total statistics, 2016 and 2017 carried out the liquidation of several companies, the number of new registered companies in 2019 exceeded the number of liquidated companies. Since 2020, when the number of companies that have been liquidated exceeds the number of registered companies, this difference is decreasing each year.

Companies with largest annual turnover

Since 2001, the company with the largest turnover in Rezekne municipality is RSEZ SIA “VEREMS”. The largest turnover in companies representing the areas of wood processing, metal structures, gravel, sands, peat and other mining, freight transport, logging and dairy farming.

Rezekne Municipalities with largest annual turnover

  • RSEZ SIA “VEREMS” — production of veneer sheets and wood panels
  • RSEZ SIA “LEAX” — Manufacture of metal structures and components
  • SIA “VLAKON” — development of gravel and sand quarries; mining of clay and kaolin
  • SIA “ALGAE” – sawing, planting and impregnation
  • ZS “HEATHER AG” — mixed farming
  • SIA “RITAL TIMBER” — sawing, planting and impregnation
  • SIA “PARTICLE PV” - logging
  • SIA “TESSA TRANS” — freight transport by road
  • SIA “NORSK RESOURCE” — Manufacture of wood products; manufacture of cork, straw and plaited products
  • AS “Ludza forestry farm” - logging
  • SIA “basic road” – construction of road and motorways
  • LPC “Viļāni” — Wholesale of milk, dairy products
  • SIA “SPRUŽEVA M” — dairy farming
(photo: Latvijas Finieris)

Foreign investments in Rezekne municipality

According to Lursoft, in 2022, the largest amount of foreign investment in Rezekne is received from Denmark – the amount of investments in total exceeds eur 1 million. This is followed by the Russian Federation, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Portugal and Poland.

Most foreign contributions in the following areas:

  • Cereals, legumes, seed cultivation
  • Renting and managing immovable property
  • Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
  • Leasing and leasing of vehicles
  • Freight transport
  • Mixed farming


The largest employers in the municipality of Rezekne, with the largest average number of employees, are:

  • AS “Ludza forestry farm”.
  • LPC “Viļāni”;
  • AS “Viļānu selections and test station”;
  • AS “Sherjan peat factory”.

Information prepared by Lursoft

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