On August 19, the President of Latvia gives the highest Latvian national awards to 97 outstanding personalities, among them representatives of Rezekne District

On August 19, the national highest award was held in Riga Castle – the celebration ceremony of three star Order, Viestura Order and appreciation. There are several people closely related to the Rēzekne municipality, doctors, teachers, cultural and social workers. Welcome and proud! 

On the commander of the three-star Order on special merit in resistance movement for occupation, Jurisdiction of Latvia's independence and solicitation of life in medicine Galerijs Vidiņš, bhead of Helsinki-86, Director of Viļānu hospital and chief physician. 

On the officer of the three-star Order former witness appointed by the music of Latvia in the music of Latvia Kršjannis Norvelis, opersinger, Latvian national opera soldier, Jurispa wiltola vocal cathedral docent of the Latvian Music Academy

On the three-star Order of the Orderem for lifelong work and contributions to the musical education of young people in school and in the tradition of corsinging Vladislav Shtekel, blong-term resident OF Maltas music school, conductor, as well AS Nautrēnu parish in Desetniekos Tear Voiteka, blong-term Daugavpils 12 th Secondary School and Daugavpils Municipality Teacher - on lifelong contribution to education, maintenance of Latvian traditions and promotion of cultural heritage

On the Commander of the Recognition Cross appointed Veronica Dundure, Nautrēnu secondary school teacher, Head of the Latvian Association for Language, Literature and Cultural History - the significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of the Latvian language, literature and cultural history; Anita Ludborja, Rēzekne Municipality OF Nautrēnu High School - the significant contribution to education and the national patriotic education of young people.

On the Accreditation Cross Officer appointed former Nautrēnu secondary school graduate Inara Dundure, Councillor of the Union of Latvia for Education and Culture, Dr.sc. admin. - on the long-term significant work and contribution to the development and strengthening of education and cultural industries.

More information - https://www.president.lv/lv/jaunums/valsts-President-19-August-Rigas-Pali-served-universities-Latvian-country-awards-97-excellent-personib? fbclid = IwAR1JIU0mDvtR9gSU7IoztQ5pnXD6MyWkOcIpHLMv4VNzuKipwVVd3SYgwyU

Photo: Ilmārs Znotins, President of the President

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