The elections of the municipality of Varakļans and the municipality of Rezekne are planned on 11 September

On Tuesday, June 1, the Saeima adopted the amendments The Law on administrative territories and settlements, which determines the establishment of Varakalans as a separate municipality.

The municipality of Varakļans includes the city of Varakalans, the parish of Varakalans and the parish of Murmasten. As a municipality, the administrative centre is determined by Varakalans. The Law stipulates that the municipality of Varakļans will organise public consultation on the merger of the municipality with the surrounding municipality by 1 October of that year.

The Law was amended in the light of the judgment of the Constitutional Court, in which the court acknowledged that the addition of the Varakļana municipality to the municipality of Rezekne does not comply with the Constitution.

The municipality of Varakalans, Varakļana parish and Murmasten parish were planned to be added to the Rēzekne municipality.

On 5 June, the planned municipal elections in Rezekne municipality have been cancelled. On the other hand, the Madona municipality will take place and the voters will also be able to vote in advance on that Thursday from 16.00 to 20.00 and Friday from 11.00 to 20.00.  

Today, the Saeima adopts the election of Varakalans District and Rēzekne District law municipal elections are scheduled to be held on 11 September of that year. It is planned that the newly elected Varakļana municipality council and the Rēzekne municipality council will meet at the first meeting on October 1 of that year. The mandate of the new municipal councils will expire at the time of the first meeting of the respective municipality council elected in the 2025 municipal elections.  

Until the day when the newly elected District Council of Varakļans is meeting, a temporary administration appointed by the law shall be appointed in the local government. It will be the head of the interim administration – Chairman of the Varakalans District Council Maris Justs, members of the administration - Members of the Varakalans council, Anita Saleniece, Dina Inķene, Gunars Puntuža, Janis Erels, Gunārs Gabrins, Janin Grudule and Austris Kokars.

On the other hand, the President of the Council of Interim Administration of the newly elected Rēzekne council is appointed by the Chairman OF the Rēzekne District Council IN Monvīds Švarcs, but as a member of the temporary administration – Viļānu of the council of the council.

The municipality of Varakalans and the municipality of Rezekne shall meet at the first meeting on 1 July of that year.

The Law stipulates that the temporary administration shall perform the functions of the local government council specified in regulatory enactments and ensure the continuity of the work of the local government institutions, as well as the financial and economic activity, while the head of the administration shall perform the duties of the chairperson of the local government council.

The activities of the interim administration shall be ensured and financed by the budget resources of the municipality of Varaklans and the municipality of Rezekne, and the remuneration of the administration shall be determined by analogy with the intended remuneration for the chairperson of the council and the heads of the committees in proportion to the time worked.

Amendments to the Law on Administrative Territories and Populated Places, as well as the electoral law of the Madona District Council and the Rēzekne District Council will enter into force the day after the announcement.

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