The first green market “Lobs Lobam Petertning” has been successful



On 5 May, the first domestic and artisanal trade organised by the municipality of Rezekne in cooperation with the foundation “Rural Economic Development in Rēzekne District”, SIA “Latgale River Bay” and SIA “Vlakon” took place on 5 May.
Even though the day was cool and windy, the event was a pretty crowd. The purchasers came from both local parish and from the city of Rezekne and Vilnius, as well as seeing the active activity in the vicinity of the road, the interest of many passers, one of the Screavers, from Tukums, someone on the way from the excursion in Georgia, another, visiting Latvia from Russia.
At this time, as in the spring, a variety of plants earned special attention. The owner of the market, Signagals owner Zaiga grain, admitted that he was even surprised at the outcome of the trade, because he had originally intended to go to Balvi's market on that day, where “… is already a trail and purchase is going to the urine...”, but, in view of his own, decided to take part in his parish trade. At the end of the day, it was understood that this decision was absolutely justified, because the interest of the people was very large – the purchasers not only bought but also asked a lot of questions which the grower would have liked and felt very pleased that her knowledge was important and useful.
Not less astonished than the price of the market was the owner of the Nagles parish farm “Liv”, Ringold Benjavs, who had sold all the prepared goods in the first hour of the market – smoked carp – and, as he shook his head, said, “Who would have thought it was going to be …?” “The satisfaction of the market was also other traders. Of_course, somebody had been lucky to sell more, but in general, all traders admitted that they would be willing to take part in the Green Market Lobam Petertning.
On the other hand, the visitors of the market were pleased not only for the opportunity to buy their own things, but also with very much interest in excursions along the trade sites of SIA “Latgale River Bay” and SIA “Vlakon”.
After seeing and hearing, the participants of the excursions were delighted with such great housekeeper and welcomed both the beautiful beaches, the banquet hosting sites and the nightmare, the dolomite deposits and the technical equipment for the ruining of the rocks, the fish production, and the fish pond where the rainbow trout could be watched and fed.
At this point, it is clear that the organisation of the Lobam Lobam Petertnums market has a real economic rationale, and the experience gained in the event held on 5 May leads to a wider focus on expanding the supply of the market, calling for trade in not only local craftsmen, domestic producers, planters, farmers, but also traders from other parts of Latvia and also from the nearest neighbouring countries.
It is planned that the next single, “Lobam Lobam Pērtnums”, will take place on 22 June, starting at noon. 12:00.
Dina Butler        
Executive Director of the Foundation for the Development of Rural Economy in Rezekne District

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