Updating of investment plans

A decision was taken at the Rēzekne District Council on 16 February 2023 No. 269 on the updating of the investment plan of the Rēzekne District Development Programme 2019-2025 and updating of the investment plan for the 2015-2022 Development Programme (Protocol No 4, § 87).

The development programme is a local government medium-term programming document for seven years. This document ensures a balanced development of the territory in the long term and serves as the basis for the planned use of local government budget resources for development projects and attraction of investments, according to the objectives set out in the programme. The development programme consists of five parts (characterisation of the current situation, strategic part, action plan, investment plan, monitoring and evaluation of implementation).

In order to achieve the medium-term settings set out in the strategic part and implement the activities included in the Action Plan, as well as to achieve the expected results, the investment plan shall include investments which the local government needs in the near term. The investment plan shall be updated annually and the projects included therein shall be approved by the local government council, taking into account the progress of the execution, the available programmes and the local government budget possibilities, without changing the strategic part of the development programme. The Investment Plan also includes project ideas for which implementation options will be decided, depending on the available funding.

After the territorial reform implemented in 2021, a new joint development programme (development process) has not yet been approved in Rezekne Municipality. Rezekne District Development Programme 2019-2025 and Viļānu District Development Programme 2015-2022.

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