Day of health promotion in Ilzeskalns

On 16 June AT Ilzeskalna, 10.00 all stakeholders are invited to attend another “day of health promotion” with the participation of various specialists. Four certified specialists – phlebologs, gynaecologists, dietary specialists and pediatrists – will participate in the event this time.
This is a truly unique opportunity because not always the parish people have the opportunity to visit specialists in individual consultations free of charge, so everyone is welcome to be active and visit the awareness event. The lecturers will talk about the possibilities of promoting health in particular in their areas. The phlebologist will explain in full how important the human body is in the venous and lymphatic system that it provides and how to promote the health of the system, and to talk about issues such as the varicular vein problem that may and should not be done if the fault is found, and what consequences can be found if the problem is ignored.
Gynaecologist – a childbirth specialist will focus on topics such as women's health and the promotion of reproductive health, including cancer screening, as it is regrettable that these free health checks are not used enough. In Latvia there is a fairly high mortality of mother and child – there are several reasons for this fact (both ignorance, medical problems and unwillingness to deepen in the health of his and her body, etc.). The issues of reproductive health can certainly be called the basis of a happy family and a country, so it is very useful and advisable to visit the event and ask all questions of interest, as well as to find out about the opportunities for health promotion in this area.
The nutritional specialist will focus on the importance of healthy nutrition in promoting health, explaining which products and why it is advisable to eradicate the menus and which should certainly be introduced in thinking of a healthy lifestyle. This is a particularly topical issue in the summer when the first harvest appears in our gardens. Food is indispensable for the maintenance and promotion of the health of the body, how this field will be used for you and will be shown by a nutritional specialist.
And finally, the pediatrician will focus on children's health in his lecture. Parents often have a variety of uncertainties about their children's health – which is recommended, which is not, or the various reactions and expressions of the growing organism are considered a norm, or there is a reason for excitement. Sometimes questions also arise as to whether a small child's body differs from an adult human body solely by the fact that it is simply a maziness, smaller in size, or there are further scientifically proven biochemical and physiological processes that indicate a significant and significant difference. And if indeed everything that is an adult in the promotion of health is certainly also applicable to the small body (in smaller doses, respectively)? These and many other issues will be an opportunity to find out by visiting health promotion days and actively asking questions.
As usual in the previous year, the health promotion event will be complemented by a mixed and cozy trade in artisanal and domestic producers “LOBS LOBBYING”, in which every visitor of the event will be able to find something delicious and a heart-friendly.
You are welcome and welcome TO THE Ilzeskalna cultural house on June 16, beginning at 10.00!
The “Health Day Day” event takes place on the project “live healthy in Rezekne District” by the municipality of Rezekne. No The project was supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).
Martin Kalva,
The leader of the Rēzekne municipality project “live healthy in Rezekne District!”

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