Health promotion camps for the children of Rezekne

The Rēzekne municipality, in autumn holidays (October 20 – October 26), had the opportunity to participate in the day camps organised by the municipality of Rezekne in collaboration with the association “young Dinamietis” UNDER THE ESF project “live healthy in Rezekne District!”. In one camp, you are active in autumn “took 15 children of Rezekne from a number of children, low-income and poor families, while in the second you are active in autumn 2” – 15 children from social risk groups. The camps took place in the Household House, Vecrujin, Silmalas parish, Rēzekne municipality.
The aim of camps was to promote healthy lifestyles by educating children in a simple, understandable and interactive manner about healthy lifestyles and its impact on their health, highlighting the role of physical activity and primary prevention in human health. In the seven-day period, children were offered a variety of activities to reach the camp target. The camp program was subordinated so that theoretical activities would be subject to practical and physical activities. A great emphasis was placed on the basic principles of healthy lifestyles and a useful leisure.
Each day began with morning passage, during which the camps were actively engaged. Every morning of the morning was started with a variety of sports activities, so that it did not repeat the previous day. During these days, we wanted to show participants that a healthy lifestyle is interesting and diverse.
Every day the participants of the camp had learned lectures, discussions during which they discussed the respect of personal hygiene, the puberty, the prevention of addiction, nutrition and healthy sleep, the promotion of mental health. We also looked at the movies, analysed different situations and came to a common conclusion.
During the camp, many activities were intended for settling camps, much was spoken about mutual relations and friendship, respect for each other and co-workers. How good it is to use free time instead of being inactive and spending time in telephones or on a computer.
During the camp, learning lectures with sporting activities, playing People's Bomb, football, volleyball, handball, etc. During the camps there was also a creative workshop when we made a kendam, hand buckle, photo frames, etc. The children were very good at cooking together, and the spirit of the team was well known. It was a pleasure to see that children split up and worked in teams. How much time had passed in hiking. During the sports day, there was a true joy of the active participation of children in both individual relay, team games and regulatory arrangements. Every evening of the camp was awaited by the surprise of the camp – it was a common fire, a sauna enjoyment, a cinema evening, a dirty, etc. We went to excursions during the camp – we were at Daugavpils Olympic Centre, visited the basin. We went to the local ceramic Jura Crompan, where the camp participants were introduced to Latgale ceramics and were able to work actively with the clay and try the ceramic work table. We enjoyed the activities of the Horse of Horse, each child had the opportunity to ride a horse.
Being active in autumn for these seven days, the camp teacher team is pleased with the work done. The target of the camp has been achieved. When we talked to the children, we concluded that the camp was very fond of children. The conclusion is that it is not important to have a year behind the window, is an important desire to act and be together. Thank you very much to everyone who took part in the successful camp, especially thanks to the Team's homehouse team for the support you have given!
Camp leader Ligita Jokstes – Bogdanov text and photo
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