Ļoļu Devil's Foot Stone

The trail of the cowls is located in a small forest grassland, ten metres from the ditch that marks the border of Rēzekne and Krāslava. It is a rounded cone of around 1,9 m with a base perimeter of 1,8 m.

Once the stone had been fingerprints, there was an indefinite rug. But a great horseshoe sign of a “artist” has spoiled him. For the first time, stone as a geological monument was 20.gs in the thirtieth years. It was located in another administrative territory, the municipality of Rēzekne, Andrupenes civil parish.

Address Mākoņkalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.2894310; 27.3935874
Phone +371 64646741
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