Guest house "Benhaus"

The guest house “Benhaus” offers accommodation services, active recreational, sauna and cublet services, rooms for celebration and events, and various combinations of these services. The kitchen with all the necessary equipment, the party room with the fireplace and the billiard. In the immediate vicinity of the guest house, the Catholics are very important, the favorite Sarkaņu Church which attracts sacred tourism stakeholders who will be able to both look at the Sarkaņu Church and participate in the mission every Sunday.

The reach of the guest house with nearby towns and Rēzekne is very beneficial because it is only 15-20 min away from the car. A car park is built at the house. A public transport stop is located next to the house where the buses to/from Rēzekne are located. 

There are two footers in the courtyard. There is a pond in the area where you can swim and enjoy some fish. The guests have access to the fish/meat smoked furnace as well as the mangals. There is a children's playground in the yard and a battle is installed during warm time. Wi-Fi is available throughout the home area. It is possible to use bicycles for women, men, adolescents and children.

The guests' home staff have good language knowledge: Latvian, Russian, Latgalian, English and Italian.

Address Eglaines, Sarkaņi, Lendžu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.564369 ; 27.558346
Phone +371 29376386
Other info. 20
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