Nautrēnu (Rogovka) Virgin Virgin Maria Catholic Church

The first wooden church was in the grave of Žogota. In 1799, this wooden church was transferred to Rogovka and dedicated to the Honor of the First Virgin Marie. A wall bell and a stone wall fence were built at the church. In 1901, the foundations of the church church, the Diacon A. Kantinieka, began to be buried. In 1903, D.Jasinskis continues construction work, and as early as 1912 the church of the church is completed by the priest Ksavers Martinenass. The year of construction of the church is 1914, when the church was consecrated. The church was built in a romance style with two high towers.
In 1939, the organ, the great altar, and the church of the church were purchased for the church. By 1934, the Nautrēnu Friendship was the most clergy of all Latgale congregations. (Laizāne)

Address Rogovka, Nautrēnu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.7075252; 27.4153023
Phone +371 64628805
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