The Church of Tiskādu Old Believers

The congregation of Tiskādi Old Believers is one of the most ancient in Latvia. There is a view that Sloboda Tiskādi acquired its name thanks to the Russian Old Believers' camp. The fugitive Old Believers came here and settled on their lives, their home was “squeezed” (Russian. - “тискались”) among the two pre-dating mushrooms who had already lived in a beautiful Tiskādu Lake on the banks of the Old Believers. According to the stories, the first prayer in Tiskādi was built in a wooden house in 1680. The official parish was registered in 1908. The new prayer house, built in 1886, was recognised by law and expanded.

Address Tiskādi, Silmalas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.4522608; 27.0696266
Phone +371 64644830
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