Azarkrosti is located on the picturesque, mountainous shore of Lake Adamova (lake area - 173 ha, 5 islands), 8 km from Rēzekne in the direction of Kārsava. This place is also known as the "Switzerland of Latgale". The houses have been awarded the "Green Certificate".

Azarkrosti, guest house - sauna
In the sauna building, fireplace hall for 30 people, 5 bedrooms on the second floor. On the first floor of the guest house there is a banquet hall with a fireplace for up to 30 people (TV, music center), sauna (toilet, shower, towels, brooms), kitchenette (dishes, stove, kettle, refrigerator).
The second floor of the guest house contains 5 bedrooms with 14 beds.

What else …
Bicycle hire, boat rental, waterbicycle hire, volleyball area, basketball basket, novuss, swing, picnic places, garden shelter, well-equipped fire sites.

How to find?
When driving in the direction from Rēzekne to Kārsava, in the settlement "Sondori", before the bus stop "Sondori", you must turn right (earth road), then after 1.5 km, on the right side of the road, following the sign "Azarkrosti", turn right. When you drive up the hill, the sign "Azarkrosti" is on the left, and then just straight to the house on the very shore of the lake, on the side of the road.

At a distance of 20 km from home in Adamova, the "Untumi" horse farm offers horse riding and riding training.

At a distance of 10-15 min., a ceramic Vogulu family and Victors Pankovs workshop can be met. There is Makašāni, where the famous cockpit Antons Rancāns and the painting Gundega Rancāne are working. “Azarkrosti” is also seen in the Adamovas manor, the Gribuļu castle, the Purmaļu Stone.

Address Plikpurmaļi, Vērēmu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.563166; 27.401498
Phone +371 29430536, +371 28798796
E-mail azarkrosti@inbox.lv
Homepage www.azarkrosti.viss.lv
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