Rural holiday house "Žubītes"

"Žubītes" is a holiday home with all amenities in a quiet location in the countryside between Meirāna and Lake Siemeņa.

The sleeping building is 95% ecological building on two floors, where the first floor contains a kitchen/rest area with a fireplace, shower, sauna, and the second floor contains two two-seat bedrooms and a walk-in recreation room with a beautiful view of the lake and an opportunity to accommodate additional beds.

About 100 metres in the remote Siemeņa Lake, you can be fished from a kindness and if you do not interfere with waterroses, you can swim. Meirānu Lake (114.7 ha) with a sand and sandy shore, with a great beach, is located at 350 m.

Three comfortable and cosy holiday homes where they can rest after active rest in fresh air. Each cottage is suitable for 2 people. Each house is comfortable with a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, as well as a kitchenette with the necessary receptacles and accessories, a microwave oven and a refrigerator.

Raft in the Lake of the Siemeņa, equipped with rescue doughnuts and safety jackets. There is a table and step on the raft, and there is a chance of dragging the canvas roof over the rain. The maximum number of people who can be on the raft is 20 people.

More information:

Address Žubītes, Kadiķi, Meirāni, Bērzgales pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.642908 ; 27.544023
Phone +371 29 110 333
Other info. 10+2
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