Adamova (ancient name Adamhof, Odumova) Manor

The construction of the estate is dated 1851. and the owners of the estate have been Rēzekne Castle Corf, daughter of the deputy Oboļenska brothers Žemčužnikova and General Karaulov. In 1905, a mineral water source, named in the name of Holy Helena, was discovered in Adamov Manor. Mineral water was acquired by higher prizes in 1912 in London and in 1913 in Paris exhibitions. Currently, the mineral water source in Adamowa is no longer found. There are two 19 th-century buildings that are architectural monuments of local significance. A modern sports complex was built in 2006, where national sports competitions are also held.

Address Adamova, Vērēmu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.5610060; 27.3706043
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