Zosnas manor

The building is surrounded by a small park on the shore of Rāzna Lake with 39 species of trees and bushes.

The construction of the Zosna manor, dated late 19 th century, consists of the house of the manor, the house of the manager, the servants' house, or the “coachman house”, the farm buildings which have been partially destroyed. A small manor park on the shore of Rāzna Lake is organically incorporated into the manor building. The main architectural value of the Zosna manor building is the house of Mr. Zosna Manor.
The house was built in 1870 after the order of Knazu Goalicin, one of the few buildings built in the design of the filling grid in Latgale. Built in 1968. There are historismam parts of the interior - ceiling decorative rosettes, doors, tiles of tiles. Complex 19.gs. b. Household buildings and housekeeper's house, 1820 “kučiera house”.

The Zosna manor can be viewed from the outside.

The Catholic Church of Zosna, built in 1800, famous with the altar painting “Madonna with a child” and a crucifix that is even older than the church itself, is located in the manor building.

After the cultural-historical research of the Zosna manor and the architectural-artistic inventory of the former manor house (in the recent past, a school building)


-The oldest unequivocal documented information and cartographic material about the Zosna manor, which is located by the Rāzna lake, has been preserved since 1784, although the beginnings of this manor are much older.

-In 1784, the owner of the Zosna manor was Bedrjaga, the son of brigade commander Akim Foma.

-1858, the owner of the Zosna manor was the noble Čehovičs.

-In 1877, the owner of the Zosna manor was the merchant Kirill Nikon's son Kuzņecovs, as far as is known, at least until 1885.

-On November 8, 1903, the Zosna manor was bought by Prince Fjodors Sergeja son Goļicins, most likely with the entire house of the new lords, and sold on December 19, 1908.

-Since 1909, the owner of the Zosna manor was Prince A. Līvens.

-On June 26, 1913, the Zosna manor was bought by the daughter of Varvara Alexander Derjužinska, the wife of the privy councilor N. Derjužinska.

- In 1920, the Zosnas manor was expropriated in favor of the Republic of Latvia.

-No earlier than 1922, a grade I primary school was established in the center of the manor.

According to unverified but reliable information, the new mansion was built in 1900 or 1901.

Visually judging, the park was established either at the very end of the 19th century or at the very beginning of the 20th century. at first. ​

Several buildings in the center of the manor have been preserved to varying degrees, including the so-called Castle, landscape park between the Castle and the lake, the Linden circle or Linden gazebo in the former orchard and several linden trees queues around the former parade yard and at the buildings. Narrow avenue of birches and several hedges fragments are plantings of more recent times.

 The documents were searched, looked through and the findings of the historical research were compiled by a researcher of historical parks, an architect Ilze Māra Janelis.

The architectural-artistic inventory was compiled by an architect Ināra Caunīte.

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