South-western circle

Total length: approximately 40 km
Duration: approximately 6-8 hours (depending on the viewing and leisure time)

  1. Luznava – Manor Manor and Park
  2. Muslim crucifix
  3. Scraps and Smedals - typical Latgale village villages
  4. Dupin crucifix
  5. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church
  6. Chernoste - bathing site at lake
  7. White water mills
  8. Leimaniski - Maltas River Valley Panorama
  9. Faucet - ancient time clan
  10. Luznava - return to the starting point of the journey

A local route along a relatively sparsely populated area with, however, a rich cultural heritage, consisting of both sacred and early artifacts and an attractive and diverse landscape. In traditional tourist booklets, this route is devoted to search. The traveller becomes aware of the nature of the Western edge of Latgale.

The average difficulty level route is characterised by terrain climb and drops, but there are also flat sections of the road. The road surface is predominantly gravel, locally with sand and pebbles, and only about five of the traces are covered with asphalt.


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