Velo route “Lūznava – Rāzna Lake” Nr 784 (~ 30 km)

Circular velo route (~30 km) leads to the Rāzna National Park area west of Lake Rāzna and includes cultural historical objects. The beginning of the Lūznavas manor, known as the Art Nouveau pearl in Latgale and after restoration, takes place in various cultural and artistic events, as well as excursion stakeholders. Next is the bulding of Lūznavas Manor Kerbedzs, the artists in Veczosna and a small, beautiful Catholic church and a manor building on the shore of Lake Rāzna. Along the way along the landscape, a beautiful rural road along the Rāzna Lake leads to Čornaja, where a recreational place and bathing site are built. When you enjoy Latgale rural landscape along the Ismeri village, we come back to Lūznavas manor. The velvet is carried through gravel roads and rural roads.

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