Namely and do

Publicēts: 16.09.2020

Atjaunots: 10.03.2021

Projekta apraksts

The European Union Foundation's 2014-2020 programming period operational programme “Growth and Employment” 8.3.3. specific support objective “to develop the skills of NON-registered NEETs of THE SEA and to promote their involvement in education, THE activities of THE SEA within the framework of the Youth Guarantee and the activities of non-governmental organisations or youth centres” in the European Social Fund project “- and DO!” Time of implementation: September 2014 – December 2018.



Aktualitātes projektā “ PROTI un DARI!”

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Jauniešiem ir iespēja piedalīties projektā „PROTI un DARI”

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Projekts jauniešiem “PROTI un DARI!”

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Jaunietes pieredze projektā “ PROTI un DARI!”

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In the year of the school year, Kaunatas young people participate in the sneezing workshop

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Young people, using the opportunity, participate in the project “namely and do”!

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The project “namely and doing” offers young people free access to a variety of occupational or professions

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