In the celebration of the 100 th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, on 17 November at Latgale Embassy, GORS was given the highest award in Rēzekne – a recognition article. It was received by 20 people in the development of Rezekne District, whose professionalism, integrity, creativity and activity are based on the growth and prosperity of Latvia. In order to underline the importance of this anniversary, the counselors who participated actively in the formation and formation of the state, including the members of the Latvian People's Front and the 1991 barricades, were added.

Recognition article and Latvian bank collection silver coins “solar life for Latvia” received a retired teacher, public employee Anna Babre, pensioner, farmer Ernest Kapamer, doctor, member of the group Helsinki-86, one of the founders of the Latvian People's Front Juris Galerijs Vidins, Dricānu parish farmer Andris Eriņš, Stružānu parish pensioner Zinaide Decsne, National Guard 32. Head of the Military Battalion veteran association Anton Caun, Latvian Army Officer Stanislav Leimanis, Bērzgales parish driver Arthur Gailums, former President of THE Council OF Ilzeskalna parish, parish driver Juris Gailums, 1 TP22T parish council member Arthur White, SIA “Avikon” car, tractor driver Vladislav Tarvids, Tiskad High School Laboratory, Electric, Chair of Typical Old Believers Viktor Scerbacov, Maltas Head of the Centre for Children and Youth Vija Dinilova, 1 TP22T Head of the Head of the Pre-school Educational Institution and folklore clusters 7.30 – 18.00, Director of Gaigalavas primary school Inara Water, Head of Latgale Division of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency, senior expert in the development of geoinformation services Andra Zubko - Melne, host, tourism information specialist Ligita Harčevska, Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice Valeryans Jonikan, member of the Council of the Latvian State Finieris Janis Staris, poet, publicist, active public employee Anna Rancāne.

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