In the 93 rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia regarding the contribution of professional, fair and creative work for the benefit of his or her county and state, with the recognition article and prize – time coin III – the residents of 40 Rēzekne municipality are awarded:

In the nomination “Entrepreneurship and improving the quality of the environment”:

  • Owner of Z/S “Wags” Peteris Bull
  • Z/S “Touch” owner Yelena Kivrina
  • Owner of the Z/S “dashes” Inese Koroshevska
  • Z/S “July” owners Alexander and Zinaide Korzinini
  • Owners of the Z/S “pakalni” Nina and Aivars kupri
  • Z/S “cherry” owner Dmitry Pavlov
  • Owners of the Z/S “Kalvites” Inese and Uldis Peki
  • Z/S “wheelchair” owner Andris Teilans
  • THE owner OF “Ideigori” Valdis Zujs

In the nomination “Promoting public-process activity”:

  • Member and coach of the association football club “solar boy” Alexander Boroduy
  • Owner of the farm farm Gunar Krancans
  • Driver of the voxal ensemble Guntra Kuzmina
  • Doctor assisting Dr. Inara Oļshevska in private practice and Nautrene parish Rogovka dramatic collective manager Maruta Michenko
  • Chairman of the Board of the Society “Today – tomorrow” Edgars Paškovs
  • Chairman of the Board of RSEZ SIA “Verems” Janis Staris
  • Silmalas parish communal housekeeper Juris Zeimuļs

 In the nomination “provision of local government functions”:

  • Silmalas parish administration manager Eduards Grisublonks
  • Leznavas civil parish head of administration Vladimir Snags
  • Ozolaine parish administration accountant Svetlana Počkajevo
  • Head of the Audrinu parish administration bus Viktor Pontag
  • Feldsher Acquisition Point “Full Scale” feldsher Lucia Shenkova
  • Stalerowa feldsher Grandmother's point feldsher Antoņina Spruk
  • Head of the Feimax Cultural House Ingrida Tjarve
  • The main stockholder of the Franz Trassa Museum “Colnasate” Tamara Tutin
  • Feimau civil parish library manager Erna Ulase
  • Nagu civil parish library manager Veronica Walk
  • Valga parish management cars – bus driver Sergei Volkov
  • Valmiera parish library manager Regina Volkova
  • SIA “Silent heat” sanitation technician Andrejs Kalnejs
  • Kaunatas High School Director Sandra Brokane
  • Head of the department of the Maltese Special Inboarding School Olga Chapkevich
  • Member of the Chief and Kaunas Orphan's Court of Kaunas Mount Veniranda Laizane
  • Head of the High School of Malta Maria podnieks
  • Nautrene Secondary School Skaidrite Sutra
  • Director of the Central School of Gaigalava Inara Water
  • Co-ordinating expert of the project “Provision of a work practice measure in local governments for the acquisition and maintenance of work skills” Rasma Shuukstele
  • Head of the Regional Development Planning Unit of Rezekne Brigita Arbidane
  • Legal and Registry Office of the municipality of Rezekne Larisa Vinogradova
  • Social service social worker in Lendzu civil parish Andrejs Kasparāns
  • Social worker of the social service in the parish of Griškans Rita Zurzdina

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