The highest award of the municipality of Rezekne – the recognition article was awarded to 43 municipalities – teachers, cultural and social workers, entrepreneurs, parish council and local government administration employees, as well as other self-occupied people who have made a significant contribution to the development of their parish, Rezekne municipality and all Latvia with their work. Recognition articles, together with a gift – “annual coin” issued by Latvian bank – were presented at a formal event on 17 November AT Maltas high school concert hall.

In the nomination “public activity”

  • Olga Dombrovskis (Čornajas civil parish)
  • Long Marejeva (Feimaņu parish dance group artistic leader)
  • Dina Leščinska (Lendžu civil parish)

In the nomination “education, science, sports” 

  • Yelena, 1 TP54T Head of the pre-school educational institution
  • Zaiga Ivanova, Vērēmu parish sports organizer
  • Olga Jurchenko, Bērzgales Head of the pre-school educational institution
  • Velga Lāce, Ilzeskalna parish youth centre manager
  • Valentine Malisheva, Ozolaines Pre-school Educational Institution
  • Ziedonis Puzulis, a sports trainer of the Rēzekne municipality's children-youth sports school

In the nomination “work in local government”

  • Juris Baranovskis, Čornajas parish administration road driver
  • Vitold Bautris, head of the nursery of the newly-junned primary school
  • Vadims Čuhnovs, a lawyer of the municipality of Rēzekne, a lawyer of the legal and administrative department of the municipality
  • Ilona Delvere, Gaigalavas Chair of the Orphan's Court
  • Genovein Gailuma, Ilzeskalna parish administration manager
  • Anna Jared, Head of the Regional Development Planning Unit of Rezekne
  • Genovein Jurevich, Nagļu parish council
  • Anita Karachkova, Vērēmu parish administration accountant - cashier
  • Alexander Kasick, Silmalas parish administration road driver
  • Wilhelmine Kirilova, Sakstagala parish administration accountant
  • Andris Koļčs, head of the economic security department of the municipality of Rezekne
  • Indra Kroice, Tax Administrator of the Land Management Service of Rezekne
  • Anton Kukuļs, Kaunatas parish administration road driver
  • Jautrte Mejule, Lūznavas parish council
  • Ludmila Minina, Stoļerovas parish council
  • Nathalie Nazarova, Griškānu parish administration cashier
  • Ivan Orlov, Ozolmuižas parish administration road driver
  • Lana Petrova, Personal Affairs Officer of the State Legal and Registry Office of the municipality of Rezekne
  • Valentine Puste, Gaigalavas parish council
  • Ellie's sins, long-term Maltas parish administration node
  • Velta Šaraka, Senior Accounting Officer of the Municipal Financial and Accounting Unit of Rezekne
  • Nikolai Shilov, road driver IN Kantinieku civil parish
  • Nikolai Volnuhin, Audriņu parish administration plumber
  • Maria Zahare, Dricānu parish council

In the nomination “work in public administration”

Ilmārs Vaichuļs, Commander of VUGD Latgale region Brigade Rēzekne Maltas

In the nomination “economy, economy” 

  • Ivan Koņuhov, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Kruki” (Silmalas civil parish)
  • Viktor Rezun, member of the board of directors OF SIA “NOMIS” (Maltas civil parish)

In the nomination “healthcare, social work” 

  • Helen bone, Sherjan Hospital Cook
  • Inese Zdanovsky, social worker (Sakstagala civil parish)

 In the nomination “culture”

  • Iveta Balzer, Lūznavas Manor Manager
  • Martin Krasnobaya, Pušas Head of the People's House
  • Lilita Kudrjavceva, Mākoņkalna parish library manager
  • Inguna Ludborja, Nautrēnu vs. head of dance collective manager and Nautrēnu parish youth dance collective “noise voi”
  • Leocadia Spale, member of the folklore ensemble “Rikava”
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