In anticipation of the 103 rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, the highest award of the municipality of Rezekne – the recognition article, together with a gift – “personal liberty” of the collection coins issued by the Latvian bank – was presented at a formal event on 17 November AT Viļānu in the cultural house. The award was awarded to 15 citizens – teachers, cultural and social workers, entrepreneurs, parish council employees and other self-prohibited people who have made a significant contribution to the development of Rezekne and the whole of Latvia with their work. For the first time, two special awards were first presented: Inara Oļshevska's family practitioner practice Nautrēnu in the parish on health education and active participation in the promotion of the vaccination process; and Lūznavas for manor collector for a self-conceivable work IN the promotion OF Lūznavas manor as a tourist object and cultural site, as well as awaiting a 5-year anniversary.

Recipients of recognition articles (by nomination)

Veselības care and social work:

  • Tatjana Orlova, head of the Dekšare paramedic point, nurse of the Dekšare elementary school (Viļani association, Dekšare parish);
  • Ilona Vugula, social worker of the Rezekne municipality (Dricānu association, parish Stružānu);

Economy and economy:

  • Inta Silauniece, Vice-Chairman of SIA “Sprudzeva M” (Kaunatas association, Griškānu civil parish);
  • League Zvejsalniece, Chief Accounting Officer OF “Viļāni” (Dricānu association, Nagļu civil parish);
  • Gunta Silagaile, Head of Postal Post Office (Dricānu association, Stružānu civil parish);

Education, science, sports:

  • Tatjana Pujate, Nautrēnu Head of the Pre-school Educational Institution “Crisis” (Nautrēnu association, Nautrēnu civil parish);
  • Arija Strupiša, Vilani parish head of the pre-school educational institution “Bitīte” (Viļānu association, parish Viļānu);
  • Arnis Romans, shooting instructor (Kaunatas association, Griškānu civil parish);

Public activity:

  • Sandra Udre, portal Lakuga.lv editor, self-employed (Maltas association, Ozolaines civil parish);
  • Haralds Broks, trial (Kaunatas association, Kaunatas civil parish);


  • Anfiza Orlova, Sokolku parish library manager (Viļānu association, Sokolku civil parish);
  • Madara Broliša, head of the folklore “Kolnasāta” (Dricānu association, parish Sakstagala);

Work in local government:

  • Valerijs Armanis, electrician, repairer (Dricānu association, Gaigalavas civil parish);
  • Piotrs Kurmevs, purification plant operator (Maltas association, Silmalas civil parish);
  • Janīna Kairiša, 1 TP22T senior club (Kaunatas association, Kaunatas civil parish).

Photo: Eduard Medvedev

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