Rēzekne may apply for training in adults in 116 programmes

Throughout Latvia, the fourth application for the European Union (EU) Foundation for the Improvement of Vocational Competency of Employees, which is implemented by the National Education Development Agency (VIAA), continues. The city and municipality of Rezekne may apply for training in 116 educational programmes in 10 educational institutions. Working at age 25 for the first time can be done quickly and easily online by 28 June.
Rēzekne has increased the range of training
In Latvia as a whole, in this round, residents can choose to learn from more than 800 educational programmes of different length and content, available in 46 cities and districts of Latvia. The range of training offered in Rezekne grew from 80 educational programmes in the third round of applications to 116 training programmes in this round, including two educational programmes available in Rezekne municipality. On the other hand, 1 TP5T provides training in 21 educational programmes.
Throughout Latvia and Rezekne, training in lifelong learning competencies can be applied for the first time, which helps to obtain useful skills in order to adapt to changes in the labour market. In Rezekne, these competencies can be learned in one of 34 educational programmes, which include training such as ABC, design thinking for entrepreneurs, professional English engineers, product creation and sale, sustainable use of resources in the enterprise, digital skills for work needs and others.
Similar to previous kārtās, 82 educational programmes in Rezekne are available in 10 economic sectors. There are also 30 programmes in which to obtain a professions required in the labour market, such as being an auto diagnostician, a confectionor assistant, electrician, stitch, furniture carpenter, car mechanic, locker, logistics worker.
News - online login
For the first time in the project, login is online on the website www.macibaspieaugusajiem.lv at any time of the day. Citizens no longer need to send an e-mail application or go to an educational institution.
If workers need informative support for the choice of the most suitable learning, or do not have the opportunity to apply for online learning, consultations and the possibility of logging in on-the-spot shall be provided by adult education coordinators in 82 VIAA co-operation municipalities, including the Rēzekne municipality and Viļānu in the municipality. All coordinator contacts available www.macibaspieaugusajiem.lv
Training may be applied to employed and self-employed persons aged 25 years to less, including young parents on parental leave, while maintaining employment relationships and working pensioners. Every working person in this project can once. Residents of the city of Rezekne and the surrounding regions may apply for training in other places of Latvia.
There are 10 educational institutions and organisations in the city and municipality of Rezekne. Among these are the Rēzekne Technology Academy, the Rezekne Technical School, the Latgale Training Centre, the Study Centre Dauseb, the Training Centre BUTS, the Training Centre A.D.Stream, the Four-E, the Training Centre FOR FIBRA, THE MC alpha - training centre and the training centre for Eastern vidzeme.
For low-income and poor people, the training is free of charge, while the other workers must provide a co-payment OF 10%, which can also be financed by the employer. The school fee depends on the type and duration of educational programmes. They represent an average of 36 euros in shorter education programmes as well as several hundred euros in the longest programmes where the profession can be obtained.
More information on reception conditions, learning and support options, as well as the list of all mācību is published on the project website www.macibaspieaugusajiem.lv.
More than 650 people have been studying
Since the start of the project in 2017, it has been running for three consecutive applications with more than 17 000 workers. From the city and municipality of Rezekne, as well AS Viļānu, 657 workers have been involved in the project so far, of which 80% has already been completed. 32% is the age of 45 years, demonstrating the willingness of the city and the municipality to learn for life.
To date, the most popular curricula among the population of Rezekne and the nearby regions have been the training of various categories of drivers, training for motorsaws and bushes, as well as the driving of trucks and the manufacturing of sewn and ornamental products. The hosts and landlords have also chosen to learn the latest trends in the preparation and presentation of confectionery, as well as the various digital skills – digital marketing, personal data protection and IT security, data analysis and reporting with MS Excel. Much of these are also available in this round.
The aim of THE EU Foundation for the Adult Education of Employees is to improve the professional competence of employed persons in order to prevent labour market mismatches in labour market demand and to promote both the competitiveness of workers and the increase in labour productivity. The project is financed by the European Social Fund and the Latvian state, investing more than 25 million euros in it.
Gunita Weismane,
Rezekne Municipality
Project Coordinator
Email: gunita.veismane@saskarsme.lv
Tel.: 20214720

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