Ciskādu Catholic Church of the Holy Lord of Saint John

The first church was wooden, built in 1751 on the estate of the Manor Franz Sokolovsky, the guardian of the Virgin Mary.
In 1900, V.Tomašuns Ciskādos brought the present-day church church in place of the old church. At the time of construction, the service was held in a specially designed shed. The church was consecrated by Archbishop V.Kļučinskis in 1914 for the honour of the Holy Lord. The first church was dedicated to the honour of the Virgin, and in 1914 the new church was sanctioned by Sv. On behalf of John Christener.
The big crucifix and the Virgin Marie painting in the silver casing were preserved from the old church in 1795. The Church is marked by the painting “Madonna with Child”, crucifixes and organs. The brick building built in the Roman style is the pride of the local population.

He was initially served by the Rēzekne Jesuit, later the early priests.

The Church owns the Caesian cemetery, located 13 km from the church, and is approximately 600 years old. On this cemetery, the old people had told them that they had been in a flat field before, but then a grave of graves had formed from the bones of the people. In 1976, a new building was built next to the old graveyard. The Church also owns the Chapel. It is a stone chapel in the Kantinieku tomb, which is in use. (Svilāns,1995)

Address Ciskādi, Sakstagala pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.4926829; 27.1359125
Phone +371 64640550
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