Observation Tower in Ančupāni

Take up the 121 step closer to the sky and evaluate the magnificent Rēzekne municipality and the city landscape – this is an opportunity for visitors to the Ančupāni view tower. With the support of the „Latvijas Valsts meži” and the Rēzekne municipality council, a tree view tower of 28,5 metres is built in the upper hill of Ančupāni forest, 200 metres above sea level.

It should be added that it is not difficult to find a view tower – when you walk from Rēzekne along the street of Rīga, the tower is visible in the distance above the trees. There will also be a number of road directions, the first of which can be seen immediately behind the Rēzekne city mark, on the left side of the Makarovka intersection.

Researchers recognise that the emotional strong is the Ančupāni mountain Memorial in Rēzekne. Hidden between tree stands, it strikes with majesty and power. “They were dying to live” – the black-coloured letters call each other in a distance, while the long way to that and the stairs and the second floor of the memorial prepare for the next survivor – a monument of “Mother apple tree”. The events that honest monuments are revealed are different and different ideological colours, but they cannot deny their artistic value.

Address Pridenoji, Kolna Ančupāni, Vērēmu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.5384309; 27.3168691
Homepage www.lvm.lv
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